9 Signs Anxiously Your Man Misses You When You Are Not Around

A day seems to be too long to end when waiting desperately to meet the loved one. Vagueness creeps in every minute of an hour, nerves on the edge, gloomy thoughts spread the wings, and life is miserable without the presence of soulmate. Inadvertently, in agitation, he does things that you can only expect from him when your man misses you and anxiously wants you to be around.

1. Ways of interaction, posting on social media or a random text, are his excuses to connect with you when you are not together.

2. He would look for reasons to spend time with you. You’ll get an invite to a new café or a ticket to a concert of your favorite band, he would try to plan something that would buy him some time, moments with you alone.

3. Your presence is like breather for him and he can’t stand for too long without interacting with you in any capacity. Though, he willingly accepts your absence for a day or some hours but still he makes up something that would bring him in contact with you.

4. There is still some time that you two will decide to move in together permanently until then, he gets flustered when suddenly both of you have an encounter at some place. Girls mostly get excited when they bump into their lovers unexpectedly but he is the type of guy who gets a little anxiety attack when you run into each other without any plan.

5. If he would be given a chance to wring the time he would never allow it to chime another second when you manage to spend moments together. Whatever time he finds with you, he makes the most of it to keep you as long with him as he can get. In conversation with you or driving you home, he won’t want to rush the time and soak into every moment that he can spend with you.

6. He will not miss the opportunities that he could get to celebrate special events in your life. You will find him throwing best birthday bash for you or if you need encouragement for something new that you are about to go for, he will make sure to wish good luck as his little goodwill gesture.

7. He wants you to remember him at all times and to ensure that he makes sure to deflect you from the conversations of other men in your life.

8. He is smitten with you and you can have an idea from the way he showers you with compliments and kind words. All hands down, he is captivated by your presence and when you are not around then he throws flowery words at your direction to compliment your significance in his life.

9. All of his attention is for you when the two of you are together. Your man misses you and you can be sure of it when he is willing to give you all the space that you want to express yourself. Often, he mentions things when sends you messages that can ensure that he listens to every world you utter attentively and every detail of your life has high value in his life.

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