12 Ways to Manipulate Him and Make Him Obsessed Over You

It is not dangerous if you want to manipulate him into obsessing over you because you are romantically interested for a guy; you want him to reciprocate feelings for you. You just want him not to stop thinking about you even for once.

Love comes with slight obsession when all you want from someone is to make you feel valued and appreciated in his life. However, it is also not easy having him fall head over heels for you.

Try a few tricks if you want to manipulate him into obsessing over you:

1. Linger on a little before you reply to his texts.

Don’t make yourself appear overeager before him. Let him wait a little for your texts. Just make sure that you don’t let him wait longer because you wouldn’t want him to think that this is a game.

2. Show him that you’re not just a pretty face.

Give him something to remember about you when you are not together. Try to act smart and spontaneous because he should know that you’ve got substance underneath all of those good looks.

3. Get close to his friends in his social circle.

He must understand your value in his life and that would be easily done once he gets to know that you can integrate yourself into his social life and be closed to his friends as they are with him.

4. Never underestimate your confidence or self-worth.

He needs to realize that he must accept you as you are and this can be done when you will love yourself and never underestimate your confidence.

5. No need to frown upon everything.

Disagreements are fine but choose your fights wisely. Stay away from your battles that could drive you two apart.

6. Put in equal effort into the relationship the way he is doing.

He is your love and you don’t want him to be disinterested or get distant from you. Show him through your efforts that you are equally serious for the relationship as he is.

7. Never try to act someone else, he would know it.

Men have a good sense at judging if someone’s faking around them, be your original self.

8. Genuine honesty can be helpful to manipulate him to obsess over you.

Keep things as much open and upfront as you can because he would not like to know that he is being made a fool of.

9. Encourage him to have his individual space as and when he likes.

The goal should not be to have him suffocated but make him thinking that he can have his individual space even living within a relationship.

10. Don’t show him that you are too needy when flirt.

Things should not turn out sleazy and desperate on your side, keep them classy.

11. Prove him that you are reliable.

He needs to be sure that he can trust you and you are a reliable human being in his life.

12. Kindness is vital.

He will fall head over heels for you when he will see a kind person in you.

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