12 Productive Alternatives Instead Of Texting Your Ex

The powerful temptation, the urge to ignite old flames can stir up at any moment in your life making you think of texting your ex out of lonesome. The moments of weakness make your wounds afresh and helplessly, you find yourself reconnecting with your old partner. Your pent-up emotions can urge you to attempt something imperfect for your present life and which could also be amiss to draw an impression on your ex. Instead, you need to divert yourself towards more productive alternatives, check these:

1. Reach out to your friends instantaneously.

Friends are priceless and always there for a purpose when troubling moments stir up. Count on your friends and reach out to them in your vulnerable time. They will shield you from any potential hurt and will not be allowing you to wallow in your own pain.

2. Divert your loneliness to cooking.

There are few activities that can be therapeutic in times of distress and remorse, cooking is one of them. Baking sweet treats is, by the way, the most indulging thing you can try when your soul needs some relief from mundane.

3. Go check out Tinder.

Out of curiosity, just test the waters for a little distraction from your incongruous feelings. Opportunities can be found anywhere and anytime, go check out Tinder, may be just for fun.

4. Do some hardcore workout.

Workout is not just for happy days but it can give you the natural high in your bad days, too. Exercise will steer you away from sadness and will align your focus to do something for yourself.

5. Binge watching is the best escaping alternative.

Don’t let your sorrow ruin your mood and spirit instead, switch to Netflix and choose from your favorite storylines to binge watch for a number of hours. You will be amazed at how quickly your day goes by while you were sitting on your couch.

6. Punch someone in the boxing ring.

Boxing is another activity you can opt for to release your anger and stress which is therapeutic as well. You would throw your punches at someone with all your might and in the end you will go home stress free.

7. Watch a movie in cinema.

Get your friends ready and go see a movie in Cinema to forget your pent-up emotions for good 3 hours. Even if your friends are not available you should not miss the chance to go by yourself and live the fantasy.

8. Take your salon appointment.

Get the earliest booking to your favorite spa or salon and pamper yourself. Getting to know all the new make-up techniques, a relaxing body massage, and a deep cleansing facial treatment will make you forget the miserable situation you would want to dwell in before coming to the salon.

9. Shop till you drop.

This is your best time to go shopping or even window shopping and see the latest trends in clothing, jewelry, shoes, handbags, or home accessories. Buy something to yourself.

10. Try taking a few hours sleep.

Light up your lavender candle by your bedside table and take a nap.

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