6 Signs Your Partner Is Just Settling For You and There Is No Love

Wholeheartedly, you have fallen for the person and feels great affection towards your partnership but it is not easy to love a person who can’t give you love in return or what you deserve being in a relationship with your partner.

Regardless of your sincere love, you can’t get intimate with your partner who is just settling for you in a relationship and not really in love with you.

Many signs become obvious to get to know that with respect to your genuine emotion your partner is just doing efforts to settle for a relationship. You think that there is much of acting or deceit involved rather than being intimate and affectionate towards the relationship.

They seem indifferent to all of your life experiences or decisions that are important for the both of you as partners. You want to make sure that they are included in your life and get to know you more but you can’t seem to see any energy that will show their interest in different aspects of your relationship.

People can fake their love only for as long as they have energy to do so, but once they don’t have any more energy left to keep the mask on then it starts to become a lot more evident that your partner is just settling for you.

Lookout for the signs to know if your partner loves you genuinely or just trying to fake it:

1. They are not really interested to know the different facets of your life.

They have never been really interested to build the connection since the start of your relationship thus you would say that they are least interested in getting to know your personality and character.

2. Your relationship lacks the feeling of being in a partnership.

This is because the two of you have never been able to make the deep connection to take your relationship as a couple.

3. You have to hear a lot of demands from your partner regarding your behavior.

There is always a certain demand, a way to criticize your behavior, or circumstances surround your relationship to change you as they want you to be.

4. You can’t see a real direction with your partner until the end.

You can feel that your relationship is more like a casual agreement to just stay together without having any real direction until the end.

5. You are a mere accessory in your relationship which is always undervalued and unappreciated.

It has never been even once that your partner has given you the priority that you deserve in your relationship. Your presence has been unappreciated while your partner has given importance to other things upon you.

6. Your opinions are not respected in your relationship.

First of all, you have never been heard by someone who you love the most and secondly, if you do then you never feel like being paid attention to.

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