10 Usual Unfaithful Excuses Partners Give In Relationships

Deeply in love, couples wish for a life of happiness and bliss with one another, but unfortunately, cheating is rampant and infidelity substantially affects many relationships. As much as people would want to believe that all couples who are deeply in love will live like a fairytale, they overlook an uncomfortable truth that temptations are everywhere and no relationship is safe from unfaithful acts.

People can cheat for so many reasons; general lack of intimacy, dissatisfaction in the bedroom, and the dominance of personal insecurity are the usual suspects that can drive partners into being unfaithful in their relationships. While all relationships are unique and different therefore, people could potentially cheat for so many other reasons as well.

Cheaters make a fool out of their partners and play a clean game, they will make sure to not admit to their partners the fact that they cheated on them. They will rarely ever own up to their actions, either out of shame or fear of the negative backlash from coming clean, and will never admit of the uncomfortable and unfaithful truth that they commit. Being in a happy and healthy relationship, you also need to make sure that you are aware of the things happening around and you’re not being made a fool of by someone who you’re supposedly madly in love with.

You have to play safe and guarded but not at the cost of being constantly suspicious of your partner. Stay vigilant on the signs and if you don’t seek out any then there’s no reason for you to worry. However, in an unfortunate situation, if you do have legitimate evidence that your partner has been giving you unfaithful excuses for their infidel behavior then you have to confront your partner with a long and difficult talk. You may have to deal with potentially two situations while confronting your partner, either they try to absolve themselves of the responsibility of the actions or they might not accept everything in its entirety. The following are the list of usual unfaithful excuses you can expect to hear from your partner:

1. I have to work in late hours in the office today.

Once or twice, if your partner is staying late in the office then you can understand the pressure of work and that maybe out of suspicion. But, using the same excuse regularly may require some investigation.

2. I decided to enjoy a few drinks with the office people to ease work stress and deadlines.

Do you believe other people also stay late after office hours on a consistent basis to grab drinks?

3. I had no idea that too much drink would bring out someone else out of me.

It appears too easy to blame overdrinking and save yourself.

4. I don’t understand someone keeps texting me every day.

Your partner may try to shift your suspicion on someone else but you need to understand that someone is texting your partner due to a reason.

5. I want to know why my ex keeps bothering us, after meeting them I’ll make sure they’ll leave us alone.

How many times do your ex bother you?

6. I had to stay at the friend’s place last night.

So, one of their friends is also involved to give them an alibi.

7. I am unable to describe this lipstick stain on my shirt.

Your partner would take you as a stupid if they use this excuse to hide the truth.

8. That person was hitting on me from a very long time.

They are naïve that they couldn’t comprehend the move.

9. It was loneliness that got into me.

This is the most usual excuse to cover a vile act of infidelity.

10. You’re making it up a big issue out of nothing.

You would even get accused of being paranoid.

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