In 6 Ways Your Man Is Going To Chase After You

A man can get addicted to you and is going to chase after you when you know the ways by tapping into his feelings and emotions. You can stir up his interests in you by knowing which buttons you need to be pushing. A man is a complex creature and you wouldn’t him to obsess over you in an unhealthy manner. Instead, him being nice to you, prioritize your needs, and to put you at first place, are the relationship goals for girls.

For girls, it feels nice to be in a relationship with someone whose full attention you can always demand and his love is only for you. Your sheer existence makes him understand your value in his life hence, you are sure that he doesn’t end up taking you for granted. You wouldn’t want to be the only thing that your man get obsessed with in a creepy manner but you want him to realize coexistence in a relationship. What ways do you keep his attention over you?

The following ways will help you out that your man is going to chase after you and makes you the center of his world.

1. Come out as a puzzle for him in the first meeting.

Be a puzzle and give him something to looking forward on another meeting if you expect to keep him chasing after you. Be a puzzle that he has to solve. Guys expect girls to spit out everything in the first meeting but you need to keep lots of yourself to yourself and let him work his way through.

2. Allow him to tell you everything about his life bit by bit.

Trust is the binding factor between partners. You can let him trust you only when he’ll understand that he can rely on someone who is going to listen to him and allow him to reveal himself in comfort and security.

3. Give him a challenge to earn you.

You can earn your place in his life if you give him challenges, a little hard, to get him hooked on trying to win over you. Give him the thrill of the chase because this way he will never get bored of you.

4. Show him the many layers of your personality, one-by-one.

As said earlier, don’t reveal all the layers of your personality in the first meeting; reveal layer after layer. Let him learn something new about you whenever he hangs out with you. You can maintain his interest in you if you do different things on every date.

5. Make him value your place in his life and give him the chance to miss you.

You need to make sure that you are not constantly available to him, make him miss you and crave for your company. Don’t spare him all of your time so he can appreciate the time he can get with you.

6. Open yourself and be vulnerable in front of him.

Fluff up his ego and open yourself to show your vulnerable side to him. You want him to grow trust and rely on.

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