10 Signs His Friendship Grows Into Love For you

It has been slow and steady all these years when you two grow fond of each other and his friendship turns into love for you. He couldn’t be more expressive about his feelings due to fear of rejection and losing you as a friend. But, eventually, the truth has to be apparent because no matter how many times he has been trying to suppress his obvious emotion of love, it comes out in a way of these signs:

1. There is nothing more important around when he is listening to you. Your voice, thoughts, and enunciation, make him forget everything in the world. Especially, when you two are sitting in a group or in a public place, everyone can tell that he gets absorbed when you talk, and he keeps track of the littlest things that you once had mentioned in a conversation.

2. Friends keep an active connection but he is more than a friend because he wants to be in constant communication with you through phone calls or text messages. You get to see his first like on your social post or a comment to appreciate your thought.

3. Friends are the biggest critics of your personality but it seems that he likes the way you are and what you do because he is even attracted at your flaws.

4. The entire world can notice that he dresses up on point when you are around. He wants you to see him prim and proper and not a shabby guy.

5. He is already known for his gentleman behavior but with you there is a certain sense of chivalry to tell you that this guy likes you more than a friend.

6. Everyone has a vulnerable side and it is not easy to put your guard down and reveal it to the world. However, you are the one that he is comfortable showing his weaknesses to and being vulnerable with. He admires you as a trustworthy person in his life and can see a future together therefore, he is ready to open up on his weaknesses.

7. He is concerned about the happenings in your life and that’s why he makes sure that he keeps sharing lighter moments with you. No matter how much in a bad mood you are but when he comes around, there is always vibrancy that comes along with him. You forget about your problems and even laugh with him on the things that have gone wrong.

8. He is ready to face all the challenges that life can throw at you because he doesn’t want you to be afraid of anything. His genuine care and possessive attitude make it obvious that his friendship grows into love for you.

9. Most of the times, he is doing things for you on the cost of his inconvenience but he is ready to sacrifice his comfort for your happiness. He wants to make every step of life easier for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything. He wants to stay by your side as a lifetime support.

10. He believes that you are his true soulmate and he wants to spend his entire life with you. It took him sometime to gather strength to face the truth that he is in love with you and now he is not afraid to reveal his feelings for you because he doesn’t want to lose you.

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