10 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Care Equally As You Do

The relationship seems thriving when the love and care from your partner would reciprocate in the same way as you would give them, but you feel that your situation is far from ideal. A relationship finds its balance when both persons are equally involved and concerned for each other. However, the imbalance occurs when your partner doesn’t care as much as you do and the relationship tends to become dysfunctional. Lookout for the signs when your partner doesn’t care equally as you do, you need to step out of the relationship because you would never feel contented:

1. You put substantial efforts for your relationship.

At one point of time, you start to wonder if you are the only person who is putting in the effort in a relationship. Your partner should have to understand that workload needs to be equally shared between partners. Financial matters, household chores, adventure trips, or special dates, your partner have to give their input so it doesn’t feel that you are the only one doing all.

2. You don’t see your partner is interested in defining the relationship.

Two people when start living with one another are investing their time and energy in defining the relationship and a social contract that has to be established together. By defining this, you are committing to your relationship and to each other. However, if your partner is not as invested as you are then there is no long term commitment.

3. You have to compete for second place as you never come out on top.

It’s sad for not having your place on the top when you deserve it. Despite, you have to compete for second place because something always manages to pull ahead of you in the eyes of your partner.

4. You have to put efforts for physical intimacy.

There should be willingness of both partners for physical intimacy and sadly, it is always initiated from your side. Somehow, your partner fails to show any interest for intimacy to work.

5. You have to keep the connection intact.

Whether it’s about the conversation, a phone call, or a text message, it is always you who have to make sure that the connection remains intact. Your partner hardly reaches out to you at first place.

6. You would have to compromise your own self.

Trying to satisfy your partner on the cost of compromising your individuality is a complete failure to recognize your self-worth. A relationship that can’t let you save your dignity is not worth to keep.

7. You are hesitant to make any demand from your partner.

Partners don’t feel ashamed while demanding something from each other. But you feel hesitant to communicate your needs just because something you want would make your partner unhappy.

8. Your partner doesn’t show interest in your life.

It seems you are the only one who is concerned with the well-being of your partner and the relationship you two share. You are never being asked by your partner if your day has been spent well or you need something.

9. Your partner doesn’t have time for you.

Though, your time is as valuable as theirs but it’s too convenient for them to cancel on you or to make you wait for hours when something has been panned days before.

10. Your passions and hobbies are least concerned things in your partner’s life.

You have special importance for your passion and hobbies in your life and you want your partner to acknowledge them as well. However, you fail to see them appreciating your passion and goals.

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