Woman Who Gives Birth to a Baby boy in McDonald’s Carparking, Shares his Adorable Nickname

A 25-year-old woman gave birth to her baby in a McDonald’s parking lot and recently shared an adorable nickname ‘fitting’ for her baby boy.

Woman named Analysia Beck explained that the thought of giving birth in an unexpected place was the biggest nightmare for her, however it has happened to her on the day she welcomed her little bundle of joy in the world. Earlier this month, the boy surprised everyone with his dramatic entrance.

On January 11, Analysia started having mild contractions at almost 11 pm when it was her 38 week, but she ignored the pains as Braxton Hicks and tried to sleep.

On the other hand, after sometime she woke up as she was having extreme contractions and also her water broke, so her husband, Daniel decided to go to hospital along with their two older children, a 3-year-old Jayce, and 17-months-old Aubriella, whom Analysia’s mother was looking out.

The mother of three announced the birth of their baby boy named Micah on Facebook, and revealed about the strange situation they went through next.

Credit: Facebook/Analysia Beck

On January 12, Micah Daniel came to the world very dramatically at about 4: 12 am, Analysia wrote in her Facebook post.

“While on our way to the hospital, he decided he wanted to make a quick stop at McDonald’s… He didn’t want to be born in the hospital!”

Yes, the little one made his entrance to the world in the back of an SUV in the McDonald’s parking lot in Wisconsin, when the blizzard was going on.

The 27-year-old Daniel was trying to call 911, however the baby was already born before the paramedic arrived.

She further added: “During a blizzard our baby boy was born in our trunk in McDonald’s parking lot and then he got the nickname ‘McFlurry.’

Credit: Facebook/Analysia Beck

And we understand the irony of Micah’s name as it is able to be less to ‘MiCkey Ds’.

“It was terrifying, traumatizing, and painful giving birth all natural with no meds/doctors and seeing him come out completely blue because it happened so fast and literally in the snow, but he’s doing very well now and all we can do is praise and thank God for protecting us!!!”

In addition, she told: “No, McDonald’s was not open.”

In a conversation with TODAY, Analysia explained her feelings and how much she was shocked of what had happened to her, her husband also agreed with her and said that the situation was pretty intense at that time.

Recalling the ordeal she explained,  “We were in the car for like two minutes when I was like, ‘Daniel, you have to pull over, I feel like I’m sitting on the baby’s head.’

“At that point, I knew he was coming, and we weren’t going to make it the hospital.”

She had to push three times and then the baby came outside.

Credit: Facebook/Analysia Beck

“The paramedic barely made it, but they were there to catch him,” Analysia told.

During the snow blowing into their car, Analysia suddenly realized that the little Micah was looking blue.

Gratefully, the 8lb 6oz Micah was completely fine and healthy as doctors took all his tests at the hospital.

While talking about her son’s adorable nickname, referencing to McDonald’s tasty ice cream menu staple, she said.

: “Between the blizzard and the McDonald’s, we think it’s very fitting!”

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