Kelly Clarkson Reveals Why Her Kids Won’t Get The Access Of Social Media Until The Age of 18

American singer Kelly Clarkson has revealed the main reason behind her not giving access to social media to her children until they are living with her under the same roof.

As the person who knows about all the pros and cons of the online world, she is aware of the effects it can make, especially for those children whose parents are public profiles.

Kelly, who has two children with her husband named Brandon Blackstock including a nine-year-old River Rose, and seven-year-old Remington Alexander, spotted candidly talking about her parenting choice with People in one of her interviews.

She explained, “That can be really hard on kids in general but especially kids with parents in the public eye.”

Clarkson also added, “So I have informed them they’re not allowed to, under my room, ever have [it].”

Kelly Clarkson
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As she is co-parenting her kids with her ex-husband Blackstock, the singer acknowledges that despite her numerous efforts, the time they both spent with their children is not split properly, humorously recalling her conversation she had with her daughter about using social media while they are living at their dad’s place.

“My daughter was like, ‘Well, what if Dad lets me go on social media?’”

“Well, you’re there four days a month. Enjoy that’,” she taunted.

Clarkson is thankful that at least during this time, she and her former husband shared the same opinions about the rules of social media for their kids.

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She also talked about the issues of co-parenting and said that this thing is the major hurdle for herself.

Reflecting on the beginning traumatic and emotional stage, she also said that things get easier with the passage of time.

She described: “In the beginning there’s so much emotion and trauma involved, but as time passes, the easier it gets.”

She further told that, it’s become so hard when you marry a person who comes from a different background as you both share different ways of discipline and education.  “Doing that in different households can be tough.”

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Addressing different parenting methods and approaches in separate households can be more challenging, Clarkson stated.

The former couple ended their marriage in 2020 after almost seven years of being married, and the cause of their split was ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Their divorce settlement led to her agreeing with a one-time payment of $1.3 million from her ex-husband, along with a monthly child support amount of $45,601.

During her show, Clarkson once revealed that she never imagined being a single mother, however she is doing a wonderful job according to her.

“I’m definitely not a helicopter mom, I love the fact that they’re independent,” the singer told, emphasizing the significance of her existence in her children’s life and her important schedule.

She added humorously, “There’s no perfect parent – I’m definitely screwing up my children somehow! – but I’m doing my best.”

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