Why People Go Through The Frequent Breakups?

Why People Go Through The Frequent Breakups?

Are You The One Who Is Battling With The Problem Of Frequent Breakups? Then you will wander after knowing that most of the people in this planet are passing with the same problem and are constantly fighting in the LOVE WAR but still continue to long for Love.

Problems come every relationship; couples have to come up with the differences not at the initial stage of their relationship but for a long time to come. But when after a few days of happiness, the two find it difficult to handle disputes arises between them. And sometimes selfishness becomes the reason of the frequent breakups. Here are some other ins and outs that leads to breakups, remove them if you find them in yours:

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Too Much Expectation

When in a very short time one or both the partners start to expect too much from each other then it is widely seen, kills the relationship.  It is advised to the new couples to expect less and give more. The secrets of the successful relationships is they believe in giving to much rather than getting in return and this is how a relationship runs not only supposing something from other side.

Lack of Respect and Care

Care, Respect and Admiration together craft a strong bond in a relationship. A relationship without respect and care cannot move further and when there remains no empathy for each other. When one partner humiliates other in front of other people and don’t give regard to the other’s dignity and sentiments at that time it makes him/her feel inferior than it starts slowly destroying the affiliation between the two.

Love Just For Conquering STATUS

Love is not business at all, it is not about calculating profits and loss of being in a relationship rather it is beyond the calculations and far from materiality. All the successful love stories have passed through the gravest challenges and difficulties regardless of any profit and loss they may come across with. But when couples start taking love as a business deal they suffer a lot in the end.

Lack of Expression of Love

Love is nothing without expression, along with the actions if love is not expressed properly. Don’t expect that your partner will understand your love by, not saying it, be expressive about whatever comes in your heart for him/her. You will be surprised after seeing the astonishing results.

Aim To Change Your Significant Other

Sometimes it happens that a partner don’t like something and want to change the habits of his/her spouse. No doubt it may be necessary, but it cannot be attained by force, as Love is all about taking on all the imperfections of each other. So, instead of making changing love him /her as they are. Love their imperfections because your companion does the same.

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