Whenever she Shares Pictures of Her Son Online, People Ask her to Stop

A young TikToker mother named Natasha receives mean comments from people who ask her to stop whenever she shares her baby’s photo online who has Pfeiffer syndrome.

She is a US-based mother of two children including 11-year-old Julian, and 2-year-old Raedyn. Her baby boy Raedyn was born with a genetic disorder, Pfeiffer syndrome, in which specific bones of the skull fuse and stops the skull to grow normally.

Due to this anomaly, the shape of the head affects badly and causes increased pressure on the brain. Unluckily, poor baby Raedyn was born with this rare genetic disorder and had to go through almost 20 surgeries in the past two years.

His mother, who has been recording and posting Raedyn’s journey with craniosynostosis on social media platforms, frequently gets so many negative comments from people who tell her to stop sharing her son’s photos online.

Natasha has even faced intense bullying on social media for the way her son looks. However, the strong mum who has almost 871K followers on TikTok and 47.8K on Instagram never felt shy while posting her kid’s pictures on her social media accounts, especially his little one, Raedyn as she posts a very single update about his health conditions, and surgeries online from raising awareness among everyone.

“I will not stop… just because he looks different doesn’t mean that he is any less – he is perfect,” Natasha said on TikTok.

The brutal and rude comments she received on her social media account so far, “What quality of life will he have?” one asked.

“Why would you make him live like that? Such a miserable life that you’re permitting him to live,” another one wrote.

“Can you please stop sharing your baby’s photos online? No hard feelings, but you should because sometimes they scare me,” a third said.

The young mum revealed that she didn’t only receive mean and negative comments from people on social media but also many people in public come to  her without any hesitation to ask her,  “What is wrong with your child?”, “Why does he look like that?” or “Don’t you get scared looking at him?”

Natasha also added that sometimes she becomes so much exhausted because of explaining her son’s condition over and over again to the mean people and she doesn’t understand why don’t people have no empathy.

“It’s exhausting to explain my son’s health problems over and over” she said. “He lives a life like every other child… does he look different? Absolutely – but that doesn’t make him any less,” she insisted.

“He deserves life, he deserves acceptance – I will fight until my dying day for that.”

Talking about people who ask her insensitive and mean questions about her son without thinking again, she said,

“What people need to understand is that I am just a mum and my son is just a baby… our life doesn’t revolve around his diagnosis. My son looks a little bit different but that doesn’t mean he is just a lesson to give the world. It’s exhausting mentally and emotionally to go over the same diagnosis and explain my son’s health problems over and over to people.”

She added, “We are just a normal family. I pray for the world to accept disabled people one day and not judge off of their appearance and the things they cannot do.”

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