Twitter User Reacted to Rumors About Kim Kardashian’s Romance with Tom Brady

Are they a new potential couple?

Rumors about the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been running nowadays that she is dating Tom Brady.

As per the reports of Page Six,

“Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady have struck up a friendship as she looks to buy a vacation home in his exclusive Bahamian neighborhood.”

“Kardashian got Brady’s advice ahead of making a trip to look at property at Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club, an exclusive members-only residential community in the Bahamas.” 

Kim who has been single since her breakup with Pete Davidson in August 2022, flew to the Bahamas on the weekend as she had to see the property.

One of the insiders disclosed that the pair are just on friendly terms, and it has not been confirmed yet whether they both were dating each other or not.

“Kim and Tom are friendly. She phoned him and asked him for his advice on Baker’s Bay.”

On the other hand, another source claimed that the beauty mogul is too much ‘familiar’ with the neighborhood and has visited there many times.

“She’s been eyeing property there for quite some time,” the source revealed.

Following their romance rumors, people went to Twitter and started sharing their views about the new most expected couple.

“Oh he wants revenge on Giselle and he’s out for blood. He lost one witch and is getting *friendly* with another,” someone wrote.

“Major downgrade from Gisele Bündchen,” another added.

“Going from Gisele to Kim Kardashian would be like going from an iPhone to an Android. A major downgrade!” a third comment read.

“For the love of football, Tom, NO!” someone else wrote.

“I never understand these guys that keep going for the kardashians – they destroy every guys life that they get mixed up with. Every time,” another one said.

“I like how the rich people equivalent of sending an “I like you” text seems to be buying a house in the same neighborhood,” a Twitter user wrote.

After all the romance speculations, several sources related to them have rejected the relationship claims by saying that they two are just ‘strictly friends.’

“Kim is looking at purchasing property in Baker’s Bay and knows Tom has a vacation home there in the Bahamas,” a source shared with Us Weekly. “She reached out to him for advice and he was really helpful. He pointed her in a few different directions and made a couple recommendations.”

The source also added, “They’ve been in touch but they’re strictly friends and she isn’t looking at dating Tom, or anybody else at the moment.”

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