Dolph Lundgren, 65, Explains How He’s Been Secretly Battling Cancer for Eight Years

The 65-year-old Swedish actor named Dolph Lundgren opened up about his secret fight with cancer by saying that he has been battling with this disease for almost eight years.

Recently, the martial artist appeared in the episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger, where he revealed his diagnosis, and how he battled with the life-threatening disease, and in 2015, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

“They found a tumor in my kidney, and they took it out … but then they did a biopsy, and it was cancerous,” the Rocky IV star described. “Then I did scans every six months, then you do it every year, then it was fine for about five years.”

The actor went into remission, but unfortunately, his cancer came back again in 2020, and at that time doctors told him that he had six tumors in his kidneys and liver. Lundgren also shared that his doctor said to him that he had just 2-3 years left to live his life.

“At that point, it started to hit me that this is kind of something serious,” Dolph recalled. “The surgeon called me and said, ‘No, it’s grown now. It’s too big. We can’t take it out.’ It’s like the size of like a small lemon.”

The Aquaman star had to go through chemotherapy treatment that led him sick as it was some awful side effects on his health, and he went through constant diarrhea and huge weight loss due to that treatment.

“His mouth got really sore,” The Best Man star’s fiancée named Emma Krokdal explained.  “His hands got sore, [his] feet, and he couldn’t eat anything warm, anything cold or anything spicy.”

“So that was a struggle to get food down, so he kept losing weight.”

In June 2020, finally, the couple got engaged. The 25-year-old Krokdal is a Los Angeles-based trainer and she is 40 years younger than Dolph.

During his interview, Lundgren admitted that there was a time when he had become hopeless because he used to think that he was going to die anytime.

“They started saying things like, ‘You should take a break and spend more time with your family.’ So I kinda asked him, ‘How long do you think I have left?’ and I think he said, “Two to three years” but I could tell in his voice that it was less,” he added.

“I thought it was it for sure. You kind of look at your life and go ‘I’ve had a frickin’ great life.’ I’ve lived like five lifetimes in one. So it wasn’t like I was bitter about it.”

The Expendables star also spoke about his use of steroids back during the day by saying that it has affected his body.

“I tried steroids back in the 80s, 90s. I don’t know if that is something to do with the cancer, of course it struck me as it could have something to do with it,” the actor explained. “I thought about it, you always think you’ve made a mistake. I think maybe there is some connection between testosterone therapy and cancer.”

“I was on steroids when I was younger, on and off for maybe ten years. Depending on the kind of movie I made.”

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