7 Signs He Cares about You as a Friend but Not As a Lover

Everything is same between you and him but the feelings have changed in your heart. There is a little awkwardness that you sense have been developing between you two and you don’t even have courage to share with him.

Situations become complicated often when he tries to figure out that what has appeared strange in your life that you are behaving in a strange way that he hasn’t seen on you before.

These are your feelings that you are trying to navigate whether these will work out for you or will be the ultimate disappointment of your life.

Before you want to take the chance to tap into the possibility that your romantic love for him could be the same in his heart too, you want to be sure that nothing will end up backfiring on you.

It’s difficult but you want to take the leap of faith. Still, there are chances of jeopardizing the friendship that you two have for so many years and you don’t want to lose that easily therefore, you want to be careful in your decision making process.

It’s a huge risk to say out words aloud in front of him because you feel elated even when you think about your best friend as your lover but you can’t just rush into it.

A big question is swirling in your mind, should you stay content being a very good friend of his or risk everything and tell him your true feelings for him?

This decision is yours and you want to make sure that you are ready to make the hard choice therefore it is good if you weigh in all the signs that you notice in him to counter he cares about you as a friend or as a lover.

Before you make a move, if you figure out after looking for the following signs that he cares about you as a friend then you don’t have to worry because things will remain same.

1. Does he express you are his little sister? This means he is not in love with you.

2. Do both of you hang out alone or does he intend to go out within a group setting? If he invites you only in a group event then he doesn’t want to get intimate with you.

3. Does he ask you to solve his issues with his girls or to sort out his romantic life? If he confides in you a lot about his love life then he is not seeing you as a romantic option.

4. Do you get his support when you are dating other men? In this case, he is totally seeing you as his friend and he wants to ensure his strong support for your romantic endeavors.

5. Does he act really frank and casual? Then he is definitely not interested in making any impression on you.

6. Does he check up on you or send you texts frequently? If he is interested and he cares about you as a lover then he will try to initiate conversations otherwise he wouldn’t mind checking up on you for days.

7. Did he ask you to go out with him? If he hasn’t made this move yet then he is not interested in you as a lover.

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