8 Phrases Are More Important To Hear From Your Lover Than The Famous “I Love You”

Couples exchange many “I love you” but still their marriages end, relationships break, and lovers split. So, people just don’t want to hear their partner saying this famous phrase but 8 other phrases are more they feel important and want to hear often from lover.

I thought of you

Have you ever heard someone to you this phrase? It’s the most satisfying feeling hearing from someone that they thought of you while seeing at a dress or hearing a song or smelling a scent. Sometimes, this compliment just comes out of blue, when you are least expecting, and suddenly your lover, someone special in your life says to you that something reminded them of you.

Would you mind if I help you

You would certainly acknowledge this help from someone who really loves you because they don’t want to see you in a difficult situation. Their concern and saying these words to you is the proof that they feel pain for you seeing you struggle with something.

I miss you truly

When do you miss a person? Surely, someone has a special presence in your life which nobody else can take over. This phrase is a stronger representation of your lover’s sincere feeling for you. You often wait for the person to call or text you and when you see or hear these words from the end then that makes your day.

I worry for you

Apart from love, one thing that is more important is someone caring for you and wants to know if you are feeling happy or not. If they feel you are sad or annoyed on something then they would tell you that they worry for you. This is their earnest way of care and love for you that no one else has ever shown to you.

You have my full support

One thing you always want to hear from your lover if they really love you is that they are standing at your back, whatever you choose or whatever you support. It’s a strong feeling, someone who loves you from the deep wells of their heart, to say you that they have full support to you.

I respect you more than I love you

Respect is one of the strongest pillars between partners. There is no meaning of staying in a relationship in which your partner does not respect you. Love and respect go side by side for a relationship to be truly deserving for you to live in.

Nothing can stop me from loving you

Despite, your imperfections or quirks, if your partner is ready to spend the rest of their life then they means serious business. They know personalities are different, people have different abilities or skills, and they accept you in their life because they love you with sincere emotion.

I want to have future with you

Your partner sees a long-term relationship with you when they don’t hesitate to say that they want to have future with you. This sweetest phrase means that they not only imagine you in their future, but they also want to grow as a person with you and like the one that you love to be with.

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