20 Photos Where the Real Action Was in The Background

It is said that real and big things are seen when they are far away while the most essential things frequently go unnoticed.

Mash of Life discovered 20 photographs that will appear to be altogether different in the event if you take a closer look at what is going on in the background.

1. Somebody is having a bad day

2. The child at the back knows the true meaning of narcissism

3. Best nap on a stranger’s head?

4. When there is a perfect spot the guy at the back has to propose by a bench

5. This swan can’t get her eyes off my brother at the wedding last night

6. He ruined Kim and Kayne’s special moment

7. Elmo is greatly upset

8. She is speechless

9. Look at my friend’s boyfriend at the back when she caught the bouquet

10. There are a lot more interesting thing then holding the leaning tower

11. Okay! She is ready to go in water any minute

12. Cat or shirt? Still confused

13. The guy at the back is planning something big

14. Proposal with such cutie hippo? Best!

15. It’s hard to believe that his food is here

16. All in one photo. Girl crying, the ostrich and the llama.

17. White whale truly understand the emotions

18. Photobombing at its best

19. Alcohal can do wonders, a girl into frog

20. Age is just a number for this photo

Preview photo credit: FellSamurai / imgurOlivierDeCarglass / reddit

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