10 Ways to Live Life with an Emotionally Broken Man

If you are living with an emotionally broken man then most likely you will experience the following:

1. He can smartly camouflage his emotions


He might be the one who knows what he wants from life and people admire this fake image. He is obscuring his emotions from the outside world behind this perfect man. He makes everything sorted out before and invests all his time in planning so that you don’t get upset of knowing his condition from inside. He is carrying a broken identity this might be the reason he camouflages his feelings.

2. He is indifferent to many big issues of your life


The reason he is indifferent to the big issues of your life is because he has been burying his emotions from long time and since neglecting those he has become a cold and distant one. He is numb to any issue that might be of significant value to you but for him it is an ordinary life event.

3. His guard is way too much high


Emotionally broken men build high walls that are almost impossible to penetrate for a new person who is looking for space in his heart. He might have been through emotional or physical abuse and that is why he is highly protective of himself. Despite of all your efforts he doesn’t open much. He is afraid of breaking of trust. You need to be steady with him and make him realize that all wounds and scars heal with time.

4. Display of affection may throw him off

You might have to witness him not accepting your display of affection because he is no longer used to it. He will take some time to attune to the love and care for someone. He has been to a lot of manipulation, criticism, abuse, and mistrust that he takes everything else unworthy of love. Don’t let him stop you, shower him with hugs and kisses and he will eventually get used to it.

5. He might not accept your kind gestures in one time


So, you’ve been known as the sweetest person but he doesn’t trust your kind gestures the way others do. This is because he has paid a price to someone who was nice to him earlier. He still thinks that your kind ways of treating are tactics to manipulate him.

6. He might try to put the relationship on stake


Do you feel him pulling away from the relationship? He believes he is not worthy of your love or of you. You are perfect to live a healthy life and you deserve a better person than him. This thought cringe him from inside and he tries to put the relationship on stake. This might be a test for you but you need to ensure him that you will stay with him no matter what challenge will come in the future.

7. He is uneasy when being intimate with you


He is cold and distant to a sudden flood of emotions. He might be struggling to deal with the process of being intimate with you. His agitation grows more when you two spend alone time.

8. He is on edge all the time

Loud noise triggers something uneasy in him. He takes no time to get startled and or get anxious. There might be a reason that he was a victim of physical and verbal abuse and loud sounds trigger his trauma. So, you have to be cautious and don’t try anything sneaky on him.

9. He is not too warm in his emotions

This is because he is getting used to the way you shower him with the warmth of your love. He wants to make you feel the same way but he will take some time to reach out and express his emotions. Be patient!

10. He needs to stable himself before he falls in love with you



Yes, you will have to wait a little longer to develop a safe relationship with him. The missing pieces, security and stability, are the ones he needs to identify within himself before he falls in love with you. Let him fall in love with himself and then you can have him all!

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