Owen Wilson Has To Pay $25,000 Each Month To Support His Daughter, He Didn’t Even Meet

One of the most loveable actor of Hollywood named Owen Wilson, he is an American actor. He played many characters in various family-friendly movies as well as in action-based. He is also known for his famous iconic role in Starsky & Hutch, as “Hutch”.

Owen Wilson

This incredible actor’s one of the most top character is in The Wedding Crashers (2005). In this he co-stared with the superstar Vince Vaughn. No doubt he played many characters very well that they are unforgettable. In many movies they worked with Ben Stiller the Hollywood sensation. Owen also starred with many biggest names of the industry.

Owen-Wilson an incredible actor

There is no secret that Owen played great part in Hollywood. He is the person who’s “wow” can become famous and viral because the way of saying. By seeing him everyone thinks that he would have a great family because he seems like a good family man but that’s not the reality his personal life is not good as it should be and little bit different. As life is not same for every one all the time and everyone has to go through ups and downs in it.

Owen Wilson has been with three women’s throughout his wonderful career. In 2011 he was in the relationship with Jade Duell, and he has a son with her. Their relationship sadly ended after a year and didn’t last long. After that in the year 2014, Owen Wilson had another son with Caroline Lindqvist. In the year 2018 finally the actor had a beautiful daughter with Varunie Vongsvirates after spending some precious time with her. But unfortunately the couple is now no longer together.

The intresting thing to think is that Wilson pays $25k every month in child support but he never met his daughter. Although he sees his both sons regularly.

Despite paying $25k

According to the RadarOnline, the actor also agreed to pay the large amount of money to his ex-lover Varuine Vongsvirates after his DNA has proved that he was the father of her daughter last year. Owen Wilson also pays the amount of $25k each month in her daughter’s support, despite he has never met her.

Varuine Vongsvirates filed a petition of paternity against Owen, in court in May 2018 at the the time of her pregnancy. The little girl named Lyla has opened her eyes in the world in October 2018.

After the ruled by the court Wilson, has started supporting his child once the result proved that he was the father of the little girl. Now he pays $25000 to the mother of her daughter every month for her care and expenses and to give her daughter a better lifestyle and also added his daughter to his Screen Actors Guild medical insurance.

Owen Wilson started supporting

Once he had to pay the enormous amount of $70,000, for bearing the expenses to hire a night nurse, a labor coach and his ex’s attorney.

Vongsvirate, has said that her daughter wishes to meet her father online while she had complete custody of her daughter. Owen signed a contract with his former lover that they both will never slander each other in public, online or in any interview.

The Daily Mail, reports shows that when someone asked her to give any message to her ex she said this:

“You should see your daughter, she’s incredible, you’re really missing out. She looks just like you.”

According to her, Lyla also deserves all the time, care and attention as his two kids named Ford and Finn get. She hope that the actor will come one day to see his little daughter and she will not fall unloved in her growing.

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