My Boyfriend Cheated on me with his own Mum – And I Will go to Therapy now

A US-based TikToker, Emma has made an astounding revelation about her boyfriend that he cheated on her with none but his own mother.

Emma went to her Instagram account where she has almost 18K followers to tell her heartbreaking story to her followers. She revealed that her ex-boyfriend had been cheating on her with his own mother, and because of this, she needs to go to therapy instead of making jokes about it with her friends.

“me realizing that my ex cing o with own mother is something that I should go to therapy for, and not something that I just joke with my friends about,” she wrote in her video.


i be like ay remember that one time

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Her video clip crossed more than 5 million views in the TikTok app, where thousands of social media users commented on it. In the comment section of Emma’s video people expressed their shocking feelings by saying that it is the worst thing someone could do in their relationship.

“I need to go to therapy after reading this” one amazed user wrote.

“Please explain I’m losing sleep over this post,” a second one added.

“you should keep that in your back pocket as a conversation starter,” a third comment read.

“Nothing could have prepared me for this,” a fourth said.

Nothing could have prepared

“The way I moved closer to the phone to make sure I was reading that right,” someone else wrote.

“What in the world? Please tell me this is a joke or something like I can’t believe someone can ever do that,” someone said so sorry to learn that you had to go through this, can’t imagine the trauma. I am sure he must be a psychotic brat to do something so beyond disgusting. Anyway, good for you, he is an ex now,” another said.

The majority of viewers asked her to disclose the complete story and provide them with more details. But, Emma didn’t share anything more yet.

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