A Texas Boy Died After He Struck by Lightning With His Father

On Friday, a Texas boy named Grayson Boggs died over one and a half months after he along with his father were struck by lightning while they were going home from the bus stop.

At the time of the accident, a 6-year-old Grayson and his father, Matthew Boggs were holding hands with each other on their way in Valley Hills. Matthew, 34 passed away on the spot, and his son Grayson was found alive and was taken to Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center in Temple.

Even though the survival chances of Grayson was not much, his family was hoping that he would be fine. But his condition didn’t become better and the doctors removed the little boy from the ventilator on June, 13, and right after three days, he lost his life.

The accident occurred on May 15, after 6 p.m. when Matthew was walking down on road to pick up his sons Grayson and 11-year-old Elijah from the bus stop. At the edge of the driveway, Grayson and Matthew got separated from Elijah, and instantly thunder clapped and lightning struck.

Elijah revealed to KWTX that during that time he was running towards his father and brother but he couldn’t understand what was happening.

“I was really scared. I rolled Grayson over and he was kind of smiling a little bit,” he told the news outlet. “I thought they were just joking, but when I rolled my dad over the middle, his head was bleeding and his face was already purple.”

After the accident, witnesses and first responders tried to help them. Matthew’s mother who had seen that terrible situation initially ran to save his son and grandson when they were waiting for the emergency personnel to reach, their family and neighbors did a lot of attempts to save their lives.

Grayson was not responding at all so the crews took him to the hospital. KWTX wrote in May that the poor boy Grayson seemed to be fine from the neck down, however, doctors were trying to determine if there was any brain damage or not

The prognosis of the little boy was very serious initially. One of the family friends of the Boggs family created a GoFundMe account for them where they shared all updates regarding Grayson’s condition for almost a month. In the beginning, the doctors disclosed to the family that it was not clear that he would be able to live again or not as Grayson was extremely sedated and only breathing with the help of a ventilator.

“Grayson has sustained a major anoxic brain injury. The doctors said that Grayson may not walk, talk, eat, or possibly see again,” the update reads. “What that means for the family, is that when Grayson gets to come home, he will be total care with frequent appointments and therapies.”

But, the loved ones didn’t lose hope. Burris used to give updates continuously on the site about Grayson’s situation and shared about the changes in his care from ventilators to feeding tubes. The doctors was trying hard to determine whether the boy would wake up or not and his condition was stable at that time until June 6, when the medical team revealed heart-wrenching news to his family.

“Today we had a care conference with Grayson’s healthcare team. The doctors told us, that the state Grayson is in, is how he will remain for the rest of his life,” Burris wrote.

He also explained that Grayson’s mother named Kayla, would have to take the most difficult decision about her son’s upcoming life.

The family made the heartbreaking decision to take Grayson off the ventilator. Kayla signed paperwork to make Grayson an organ donor and removed the ventilator on June 13, according to the fundraising page. Family and friends visited the little boy and shared final moments with him.

final moments with him

On Thursday, Burris penned in a photo caption. “Please just pray that we keep him comfortable at this time and pray for healing for the family. We may not know what God’s plan is, but we know he has his arms wrapped around Grayson at this time,”

The little boy Grayson left the world on the same day when the GoFundMe page raised over $102,000. The family and friends have showed love and support towards Boggs family.

“I’m soo sorry. As a father, this is heartbreaking, but just know we stand beside you ready to help in any way we can,” one comment reads.

“I am so sorry for your losses. May God, family, friends, and memories provide you comfort through this terrible tragedy,” someone else wrote.

The Boggs family is just requesting privacy as they are going through a very hard time.

Source: GoFundMe

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