Mr. Beast Revealed How He Put His Current Girlfriend Through A ‘Test’ On the First Meeting

The famous YouTuber Mr. Beast has recently revealed that he never picks his girlfriend randomly and before starting dating he puts her on a ‘test’ to check if she is suitable for him or not.

For those who don’t know who Mr. Beast is, he is an American YouTuber named Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as Mr. Beast. The internet personality is famous for his epic YouTube videos which feature expensive stunts.

Beast is one of the wealthiest YouTubers as he has 105 million subscribers and his channel, “MrBeast” is the fifth-most-subscribed channel on YouTube. He is also famous on other social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok and has millions of followers there too.

Mr. Beast Revealed

Jimmy, who is now famous as Mr. Beast got public attention for the very first time after his v went viral on YouTube in which he showed himself counting 100,000 in 24 hours.

As per one of the Insiders report, “he spends between seven and eight million dollars a month on producing content across his YouTube channels and promoting his businesses.”

“Also, he spends roughly $200,000 a month on both his ‘Beast Reacts’ and ‘MrBeast Gaming’ channels, and roughly three to four million dollars on his main channel.” 

Recently, Jimmy came on the Flagrant Podcast where he opened up about his new girlfriend and said that he made her to go through a test because the millionaire doesn’t get along with women instantly.

“I really have to go through the test because I don’t really get along with women who are like… they don’t love learning, they are not obsessive, they don’t have a hobby,” he told.

Mr. Beast withhis Girlfriend

While talking about his current girlfriend named Thea Booysen, he shared that how he put her through a wringer to ask her questions.

“If I meet a girl that’s like beautiful and we have these 10 traits like we’re gonna be literally best friends, right?” Jimmy said.

“So I asked her he she has a hobby, oh yeah she has, Yes. And she likes learning and when I asked her what kind of content you consume, she said documentary and educational so she definitely likes learning,” he further said.

He told that her girlfriend is an author who is going to get a neuroscience degree soon, and also likes to invest in bitcoin, so he thinks that she ‘checks all the boxes’.

“I had to put her through the wringer and start asking questions, and she passed. Heck yeah!”

Insider reported that the YouTuber met Booysen for the first time in South Africa when he came there to visit the country along with his two friends, Casey Niestat and Logan Paul.

When his girlfriend, Thea appeared in the Wide Awake Podcast she explained that how she met Jimmy, and told that she met him in a club after her friend who had met Jimmy and his group already shared her experience with Booysen.

Jimmy’s girlfriend, Booysen

According to the Insider, “She decided to go and meet them because she wanted to find out what Donaldson was like,”.

Thea further added, “I knew of MrBeast. I knew the great things he was doing, but I was also, from a psychological perspective, curious, like, are these people playing it up? Do they have an alter ego?”

The gaming creator with 24000 Twitch follower told that she found him a very humble and down-to-earth person who asked her many questions.

“Little did I know he was actually like going off a list, because he was looking for a new girlfriend potentially, and he had this whole list, he’s like: she has to have a hobby, she has to have some interests, she has to do this and that,” she shared with host Joshua Rubin.

Thea also said that she and Jimmy talked a lot about many interesting things because they found each other’s personalities very intriguing.

“The fact that he could keep up with the conversation to me was very attractive because you have to have a certain amount of interest and intellect to want to talk about these things.”

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