Mother got Slammed for Keeping Pet Dog After it bit her 3-year-old Daughter’s Face and leaving her Scarred

A Tiktoker mum named Klara Tsetkin is facing backlash from people as she has been keeping her pet dog at home after it mauled her three-year-old baby girl, Milana’s face that left her scarred.

The woman defended her decision of keeping her cocker spaniel Bart at her home even after it bit her daughter’s face in the year 2020.

When Bart bit Milana’s face, the little girl got some stitches on her face.

Face and leaving her Scarred

After this incident occurred, the poor girl Milana’s dad wanted to kick out the pet from their house, however, Klara didn’t agree and then the couple got divorced.

According to Klara, Bart didn’t attack Milana and only acted in his self-defense.

“He was very sick!” she described in her video. “And tries to hide under the bed.. his hind legs gave out, and he couldn’t crawl away..”

He was very sick

“(Our) 3-year-old daughter did not understand that the dog needs to rest today and not touch him… she began to touch him even more, sit on him and climb into his face and hurt him…”

In the second video, she also revealed that she and her husband are not together anymore as he wanted to get rid of the pet and she disagreed.

“When someone asks me – will you regret that you are divorcing your husband because he wants to get rid of the dog?” Tsetkin wrote in her video.

When someone asks me

She received immense backlash from many people on the social media platform, in which most of them called her ignorant and some said she is a bad mother who only loves her dog and not her daughter.

“Poor baby has permanent scares, and when she is older, she is going to be heartbroken that you chose a dog over her,” someone wrote.

“Can’t believe you’re keeping that animal around after it permanently scarred your child’s face,” another added.

“My friend’s dog attacked her while pregnant! She literally almost died! The next attack will not be pretty! a third comment read.

not be pretty

“She’s going to grow up and remember that her mum left a dog that left permanent scars on her face in the home,” another said.

This incident happened almost three years before, and Milana’s scars are not visible anymore.

 Klara wrote under the video in which she showed little Milana’s face, “For those who asked to see how the scar looks now after a dog bite,”

“The doctor did not tighten the stitches to the end due to a possible infection, so the scar turned out to be wide,” she described.

“We are planning to do a scar resurfacing. If there are those who want to help our princess, we will be eternally grateful.”

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