Mother faced Bashing after allowing her 9-year-old Daughter to Get Nose Pierced

A mother from Illinois sparked an intense debate on the internet after allowing her nine-year-old daughter to pierce her nose, many people bashed her as she defended her decision of doing this.

The 28-year-old Meagan Black is a mother to three kids, she let her little daughter, Bella who is just nine-year-old, get her nose pierced. The little girl could be seen wearing a gold hoop in a video that her mother posted on TikTok. The video went viral and received backlash from social media users who labelled Meagen as a ‘bad mother.’

In other videos, Black tried to defend her decision of allowing her daughter to get her nose pierced by saying that this is her daughter’s way to express herself, and she would never stop her.

A mother from Illinois

The mother also added that her daughter didn’t want to get ear piercings as she never liked it and always wanted to get her nose pierced, and a lot of her friends had already pierced their ears so her daughter decided to get one of her choice.

The video clip crossed almost 23 million views on the social media platform, and people slammed Black, 28 in the comment section.

The mum of three wrote under the video where she could be seen defending her decision, “But why is it just ‘so cute’ when a two-year-old is wearing a crop top but y’all flip over a nose ring?” she also advised people to chill.

But, many of them were not agreed with Meagen’s logic and called her a bad and irresponsible mother who should have told her daughter that she couldn’t get a nose piercing as she was too young for it.

“You’re a bad mum for letting your nine-year-old have a nose piercing,” someone wrote.

flip over a nose ring

“Personally I think nine is way to young, I’d let them get it in middle school but you do you!!” a second comment read.

“I got a nose piercing myself but nine is a bit too early because the nose hasn’t fully grown yet,” a third one said.

“Nine really is a bit young. I think the youngest I’d let my child do this would be 13/14,” another social media user wrote.

Following the criticism, some users came forward to defend the mother by saying that she knows very well what is good and what’s bad for her daughter and that nose piercing is nothing to do with age.

“I don’t think she’s a bad mom who cares she can do what she wants with her daughter it’s not our business,” someone said.

“I thiterally so cute. It’s like self-expression, you guys need to calm down and let her do her thing. No need to criticize,” another wrote.

“I love the nose ring she looks so cute,” a person added.

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