The “Trueblue Twins” Named Megan And Morgan And Everything You Should Know About Them

11-years-old famous Twins named Megan and Morgan who got immense fame in the year 2015 when their mother uploaded their picture on Instagram.

The Twins sisters received so much love from the people because of their beautiful and unique eyes. One of the girls has blue eye color and the other sister has one blue and one dark brown color eyes.

famous Twins

Their adorable pictures became viral on social media and made them famous celebrities and then the little girls attended so many events including fashion shows.

They were born in the year 2011, in Philadelphia, United States and in June the sisters has become 11-years-old.

Megan and Morgan were born

Megan and Morgan’s mother is a social media influencer, Stephanie Boyd and their father name is Lovell Knight.

“When Stephanie Boyd gave birth to her twins on 6 June 2011, everyone around her could immediately tell that the girls stood out. One thing that set them apart was that they were black twins with blue eyes, which does not often happen among black people,” one news outlet wrote.

“Before they became famous on the internet, the girls were already well-known in their community. Their nickname, Trueblue Twins, is what their mother and family used to refer to them when they were born. Furthermore, whenever their parents came across someone they knew, the person would ask to have pictures with them.”

have pictures with them

Their social media accounts are handled by their  mother who consider herself as a plus sized model. The little girls has now almost 818K followers on her Instagram account.

They also has a YouTube channel with a massive fan following. Many people enjoy watching their videos and around 61 thousand people has already subscribed their channel.

Yen News reported that their influencer mother Stephanie shares the life of their adorable daughters on the social media because she loves to make and upload their videos. Stephanie has been posting the twin’s pictures and videos since the time they were born.

Their mother’s friend and family members loved to repost their videos on their Instagram account. In the year 2015, a Camden musician who is also a tattoo artist posted one picture of the twins on his social media account and the picture became viral and received love from people all over the world.

his post went viral

From the beginning of their journey both the sisters got so much public attention because of their beauty.

“One of the twins’ photos immediately received more than 2,000 likes in a day. They then took over Instagram and headed to Facebook. As a result, their online fan base increased, and some influencers even started creating content about the girls.”

Stephanie also started to share the content of other internet influencers on her social media platforms and one post of her gained around six millions views and then people went crazy about the Trueblue Twins. After that several celebrities started sharing their pictures and videos on their social media accounts in which Ray Ray, Yandy Smith, Wendy Williams and Mindless Behavior band members are included.

Stephanie Boyd’s daughter have Heterochromia Iridis, this is a condition when one eye is a different color than other.

attention my babygirls

Now the girls are growing like a social media star and fashion models. Many popular brands are always ready to collaborate with them.

No doubt, that the mother of these twins are earning much money by showing their daily life online. However Megan and Morgan’s father named Lovell Knight wants to see their daughters living a happy and simple life like other kids.

“Sometimes, I don’t like the unwanted attention my babygirls get when we are out and having family time. It’s like they are celebrities now; people would come and click pictures with them and then are out shooting with brands and fashion shows and whatnot. I want them to have a simpler life,” he said.

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Sources: Yen News – Images & Featured Images via megan_morgan_truebluetwins on Instagram

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