Man Who Broke Up with His Girlfriend After Chris Brown Gave Her an Onstage Lap Dance

A man named Dash recently ended his relationship with his girlfriend when Chris Brown gave her an onstage lap dance during his concert.

This month, Dash shared on TikTok that he got front row-tickets for his girlfriend as she wanted to see Chris Brown performing live at his concert.

Nowadays, Brown is doing an extensive world tour for his recent album, Breezy.

While the concert was going on, the singer invited Dash’s girlfriend on stage and performed his usual on-stage bizarre stunts in which he picks a random person from the audience and seductively dances around them.

Chris Brown Gave Her an Onstage Lap Dance

However, the Under the Influence singer did not only dance around her but also gave her an improper lap dance on his song, Take You Down.

After watching this, Dash who was recording his girlfriend enjoying dance with the musician on the stage, felt uncomfortable, however his girlfriend’s behavior surprised him as she was not feeling the same way.

Dash’s girlfriend was busy enjoying the dance on the stage while moving her hands all over Brown.

Dash filmed all the scene on his phone, and later uploaded it on his TikTok account where he shared about the situation and how that scene made him uncomfortable. He further said that it’s not sure that yet that he still wants to continue his relationship with his girlfriend or do not.

Tagging Chris Brown in his first video on the social media platform, he wrote, “I want my £500 and my girlfriend back,

Dash’s video went viral on the internet and received almost 10 million views on TikTok.

His video got more than 6000 comments from people and most of them advised Dash to breakup with his girlfriend and called her unfaithful too.


“Could not be me. Idc if he’s Chris brown it doesn’t make it okay. The ENERGY is unfaithful,” another commented.

“I would leave the concert and wouldn’t even tell her,” a third wrote.

“I can confirm with 10000p certainty I would not touch Chris Brown with a 10 ft pole, let alone while having a bf,” a fourth comment read.

When one of the commenters told Dash to share the complete video of that the scene, he uploaded the full video. Millions of people also viewed his second video and almost 4000 commented, all of them were saying Dash to move on and find a better partner for him because his girlfriend seemed unfaithful to him.

“break up bro. im so sorry for you it hurts even me. just break up. she looked like she wanted even more,” someone wrote.

“I would have broke up with her instantly,” another commented.

Meanwhile, many people told Dash to talk to his girlfriend onetime to know if she is guilty for her action.

However, in his follow-up video, it was revealed by him that when he went to his girlfriend to confront her about that matter, she was not guilty at all as she thinks that there was nothing wrong in whatever she did, this is why he ended his relationship with her.

“Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I’m no longer with my girlfriend but she said she doesn’t think what she did was wrong,” he said.

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