Man Proposes to His Girlfriend With 6 Different Rings So She Can Pick Her Favorite

When you truly love someone, it is important to let them know about your love and a proposal is the best way to express your love in front of that one special person. People feel anxious while proposing to someone as it’s not an easy process and a high-pressure situation. It’s just the beginning of a new phase of a relationship that’s why you must put all the effort into it and shouldn’t take it lightly. It doesn’t matter how much confident and comfortable you are with that person still you will feel anxious and nervous while going through the proposal. There is nothing to worry about it because it’s totally normal and usually everyone feels the same way when they are going through an important event of their life.


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As the passing of time the art of proposal has become evolved drastically. Public proposals in an open place where more than a hundred of people can easily witness it are very common nowadays. Other proposals are that which made through YouTube videos and homemade movies. Then there is that kind of proposal that are done in living room and where no one is here to witness it except the couple. There are proposals that are done in luxury restaurants during the dinner. The proposal can either be a luxurious gesture or a very private romantic thing. The way of proposal is completely depending on the personality of that two people who are in a relationship with each other. It really matters that how they want to propose and to be proposed. To propose someone in front of castle at Disneyland is one of the oldest and common way of proposal. It is usually seen to signify the beginning of a wonderful fairy tale life between the couple. It is the dream of many people to propose their partner there and the incredible thing is that there was a couple who proposed each other in front of Cinderella’s castle at the same time because they both thought it to be a perfect idea.

Nonetheless, it’s not only the manner in which someone proposes but it’s also about the type of ring a man going to give his girl. Undoubtedly, it’s not difficult to find out the right ring size of your woman and the type of ring which she would love to wear. In this matter you could seek help from four partner’s friend or you can randomly ask her about her size during casual conversations.

But if you are rich you don’t need to worry and you can also get the idea from this crazy and rich guy Dennis Brown’s proposal who played very safe and chose a unique way to satisfy his girl. He bought multiple rings for his girl so that she can choose any ring of her choice.

With 6 Different Rings

Dennis Brown is a model and fitness guru. He is a rich guy who decided to spare no expenses to propose his girl. Dennis hired event planners, florists, stylists, photographers and many more things just to make sure that everything would go perfectly smooth. Not only this but he went so far as he bought six different rings for his girl named Atara so that she can choose any of them for their engagement.

The fitness enthusiasts gave his girl a chance to get the one ring which she like the most by giving her all the six rings in a single heart-shaped box. When his girlfriend was busy deciding the ring for her engagement, he was preparing the banner which featured a romantic message for her. It read, “Today, on your special day I had the pleasure of putting a smile on your face all day. For there is no greater gift that I could think to give you.”

It was also written, “A woman, whose heart is full of love and devotion to me, a woman whose loyalty to all those she loves stands unmatched, a woman whose generosity and willingness to help others around her flourish knows no depths.”

Heart touching, right?

“A woman who single-handedly made me believe that a soulmate, a lover, a prayer warrior, a confidant, and a best friend could be wrapped up in one amazingly beautiful soul that was handcrafted for me.”

He concluded by saying,

“That’s why today I wanted to give you the greatest gift that I could ever give you… my heart and soul completely, unwavering and all yours… will you accept and hold my hand in yours through this journey?”

Are you feeling emotional?

After reading it all Atara felt so overwhelmed and finally said yes with teary-eyed. In addition, she picked the teardrop shaped ring from all of them.

Do you want to have enough money so that you can also give 6 rings to your partner for selecting one from them?

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