Man Hit Back at Haters Who Made Fun of Him for Being With 252lb Woman

Fitness trainer named Matt Montgomery met a size 22 care worker, Brittany Jacques three years before on Facebook and immediately hit it off.

24-year-old Brittany was struggling in her past relationships due to her weight as her previous partners used to tell her to follow crash diets and wanted her to lose many pounds. And then she found Matt.

Before meeting Matt in 2020, Jacques had lost all her hopes in love. The couple is now living with each other in Ontario, Canada, and also share a child together.

Brittany, 24, shared with The Sun, “We had both almost given up on dating when we started talking. We hit it off right away from the moment we met. I was a bit hesitant at first,”

“I’ve been in relationships where guys have told me that they will dump me if I don’t start dieting or trying to lose weight. It did affect my self-confidence, and at one point I did start working out and trying to change my size.”

She further told, “But then I realized that if I did that I wouldn’t love myself anymore and I would be changing myself for someone else’s perception of beauty. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to find someone who really loved me for who I am but after meeting Matt I couldn’t be happier.”

Montgomery revealed that when he first started to talk to Brittany, her positive attitude and self-confidence attracted him a lot. According to him all the skinnier women he had dated before were always worry about their looks and figure.

“I’ve been in previous relationships with skinny girls and they’ve not been happy in themselves at all,” the Ontario native said. “They weren’t positive people or they constantly felt like they needed to change things about themselves and it got me down too.

Matt shared with The Sun“When I met Britt she was so confident in her own body, I loved that about her, she doesn’t want to change anything and I would never ask her to. I love food as well so that’s a plus I’m not worried about tracking her calories or dieting, I just want her to eat what she wants and be happy.”

The duo lives a happy and peaceful life with each other; but, as soon as they began to post about their life on social media, people started dropping negative comments on their posts by saying that Matt shouldn’t be with Brittany because she is a plus-sized woman and he is too much skinny.

Some people couldn’t stop here and showed more hate and said that Matt is ‘not man enough’ for his wife, Jacques.

“I do notice people staring when we walk down the street but most of the comments we have had have been online. People comment on Instagram and suggest that I’m not big enough or man enough for her,” Matt told.

 “I wish mixed weight relationships were more common and more in the norm,” he further said.

Even after facing a lot of criticism from people, Matt and Jacques didn’t stop and continued sharing their happy moments and daily life updates on social media platform saying that they are perfect for each other.

 “There’s definitely this misconception that a fat person and a skinny person can’t be properly intimate or do things like start a family but we’ve never had any issues. We feel so lucky to have met each other and it’s the happiest we’ve ever been.”

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