Kim Kardashian’s Fans Praised Her as She Shared Her ‘Natural Beauty’ In an Unfiltered Selfie

Kim Kardashian amazed fans by sharing her less make-up and without editing photo on the social media platform.

On Monday, the 42-year-old reality star posted a selfie on her Instagram account that shows her sitting in her dentist’s office.

And she did not use any single filter on her image.

Kim’s unedited and less makeup photo came after many years of uploading only too many edited and filtered photos on social media, for which people trolled her a lot already.

After watching her new snap, her fans left wowed and could not stop themselves to share their opinions in her comment section.

“Yes an unfiltered selfie!!!” a fan wrote.

“Nice to see Kim’s skin without makeup or a filter,” another penned.

“After the fallout from the facetuned pictures recently, this is the exact relatable content I expected to see – and I love it,” a third comment read.

“You are so beautiful without all that make-up. Dammm!!!” a fourth commented.

“This is what I think I look like in the dentist chair except I don’t,” someone wrote.

“Love an unedited queen,” another user said.

“Haters gonna hate, love this selfie, Kim,” another commented.

Sometime before the entrepreneur talked about the relationship she has with her skin tone and she finally reached to terms with her real complexion.

In her interview she described to the Elite Daily, “My physical appearance has been scrutinized for years, both by myself and other people, and in the last few years, I’ve finally been able to make peace with the imperfections that I previously struggled to accept. “

While speaking about her brand the SKKN founder also told that she wanted to talk about her skincare routine with her fans and followers via her products.

“There are some people who might think the nine-step system is overwhelming, but I wanted to create a line that was true to exactly what I use.”

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