Keanu Reeves and his Beautiful Girlfriend Alexandra Grant spotted kissing at the Gala in LA

The public display of the romance of Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant at the 2023 Museum of Contemporary Art Gala has been making headlines all over the world. The pair who have been with each other for many years stopped and kissed for the cameras during their red-carpet walk. That was the most intimate moment which grabbed the attention of their several fans who curiously follow their relationship.

Keanu Reeves Girlfriend Alexandra Grant

The well-known visual artist, Grant has shown her work at MoCA for years. She was looking so gorgeous in her red floral dress that perfectly complemented Reeves’s suit and striped tie. The two looked stylish and sophisticated at the same time while they were posing for photos with one another, the love they share is quite obvious.

Recently, in one of his interviews with People magazine, the John Wick 4 star talked about his relationship with Grant. When they questioned him about his last moment of bliss, Reeves opened up about a romantic moment he had with his lovely partner, Grant in bed, and said they both were “connected” and smiling and laughing and giggling,” mentioning the experience of being together with each other is” really nice”

The couple has known one another for many years while having first collaborated on a picture book named Ode to Happiness in the year 2011. Grant’s artwork was also present in the book and it was accompanied by a written text by Reeves. After that Grant and Keanu collaborated one more time on a second art book named Shadows in 2016, greatly received by their fans.

spotted kissing at the Gala in LA

In 2019, the pair made their relationship official, which caught immense public attention. Giving an interview to British Vogue, Grant shared that each and every person who knew her called her in the month of November. Despite of getting so much public attention, they both were decided to remain grounded as the couple wanted to focus on their careers. Their perfect relationship has inspired a lot of their fans, who admire them for their love and commitment to each other.

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