Woman Who Married Ragdoll Claims She’s Expecting a second child with Him

The story took a new turn!

The woman from Brazil named Meirivone Rocha Moraes tied the knot with a ragdoll, named Marcelo in 2022, claiming that she fell for him now claims that she is expecting her second child with her husband after he cheated on her.

The 37-year-old Moraes was exhausted from her single and lonely life as she wanted to settle with an honest and loyal partner.

Meirivone explained her situation to her mother while complaining about her frustrating and lonely life, and her mother stepped in for rescuing her daughter. She got her a ragdoll and named it ‘Marcelo’.

The Brazilian woman said she never thought that she would like him enough which led her to fall in love with Marcelo, she also said that her love was really love at first sight.

While giving an interview to NTK, she shared, “When my mum made Marcelo and first introduced me to him, I fell in love with him. It was love at first sight.”

“It was because I didn’t have a forró dancer. I would go to these dances but wouldn’t always find a partner. Then he entered into my life, and it all made sense.”

Then, she decided to get married to him and said she would not get a chance to find a man like Marcelo again in her life.

According to the reports of Daily Mail, Moraes did not only claim to enjoy a whirlwind romance with him but also tied the knot with that ‘toy’ in a proper wedding ceremony attended by almost 250 people.

“The wedding was a wonderful, very important, emotional day for me. It rained a lot, but it was wonderful; from the moment I walked down the aisle to the end, it was just beautiful.” She explained.

The newlyweds also went on a honeymoon trip to a beach house in Rio de Janeiro.

This couple’s weird love story didn’t finish yet, as after some months, Moraes claimed of being pregnant with Marcelo’s kid.

“It’s true; Marcelo got me pregnant,  the woman claimed. “He got me pregnant. I took the test — it was positive. I couldn’t believe it.”

When their honeymoon period came to an end, she gave birth to their toy child and named him Marcelinho.

Now one year later after welcoming her first baby, Moraes said that she is now expecting another child.

In her recent viral TikTok video, Meirivone shared the news with her followers and could also be seen showing her positive pregnancy test in the video clip.

“I’m Pregnant,” she wrote under the video clip in which she was jumping excitedly after seeing her positive pregnancy test.

@meirivoneemarcelo Estou grávida @Marcelo Miguel @meirivone e marcelo♡ ♬ som original – Meirivone Rocha

The now-viral video received over 375k views on the social media platform where she was seen saying that she hopes to give birth to a daughter now.

“I’m very happy because I’m pregnant with Marcelo again,” she said.  “This time we’re going to have a girl.”

“We really wanted to get pregnant again, Marcelo kept asking when we’re going to get another baby, and I said one day. There were a couple times I felt nauseous, so I would take a test, but they were negative.”

Moraes further added, “However, I recently started to get nauseous again, so bought a test from the local pharmacy and it was positive! ‘We are so happy. We would love to have a little princess. We already have a boy, but if the baby turns out to be one too, we will love them just the same.”

She shared that the happy news came after she and her husband had to go through a lot of difficulties in their relationship, she also revealed that Marcelo cheated on her.

“Since finding out that he cheated on me, we have been very distant. We still live in the same house but it isn’t the same. But now, because of the baby, things are different.”

“Marcelo has been much more affectionate with me and I believe that this will improve our relationship. This new baby will save our marriage.”

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