Ignoring These 8 Things would Hurt your Relationship

Ignoring these 8 things would hurt your relationship

Men have a tradition of hiding their feelings especially when going on the first date or when the relationship is relatively new. In such a situation it becomes equally important for you to know about these hidden feelings of your cutie that he expresses through cryptic gestures. Let us now look upon 8 things that men never tolerate or get irritated when they feel them.

1- Losing Patience too quickly

If you are among those women who lose their control over anger too quickly and too often then this need to be corrected for a healthy relationship. Men never like women using abusive language and getting angry at small things. Problem of impatience is at the top of the list since it is one of the most common reasons for why relationship doesn’t work out.

2- Disloyalty

It is unbearable for men to see their love flirting with others. This could be seriously annoying for him if you are seeking pleasure from outside of him also because he would consider it to be disloyalty and may result in serious consequences such as the relationship may end.

3- Stop Complaining

Women always complain about their life no matter how interested the other person is. Complaining and crying regular over official and personal issue can annoy your partner as no matter how interested he is in listening to you, talking and listening about complaints and problems all the time can complicate things in a relation. So better is to talk about funny stories so you both can enjoy time together.

4- Sarcastic Jokes

Avoid jokes and pointing out things that might harm your relationship. If you are humiliating him by discussing his appearance or dressing then it might be embarrassing for your man to swallow it down easily. Having a good sense of humor adds life to the relation but that doesn’t mean you can insult your partner by such mean jokes.

5- Being Dishonest to People

If a man sees you being dishonest to people it might actually hurt you relation because men view dishonesty as one of the seven most deadly reasons of breaking up. Never be dishonest and change your attitude to make your partner understand about your actions and intentions especially. More you try to hide and be dishonest about anything, more it will create suspicion in his mind.

6- Problem with Managing Anger

People who have problem in handling anger actually push their loved ones away from them. If you are among those who have problem with controlling anger then you must use some tricks and therapies to learn controlling anger.

7- Enjoy Life

Stop living a boring life rather make your life full of interest and enjoying for your partner so he actually like spending time with you. Being boring can push him to get indulge in other women so plan out activities with your couple for a better life.

8- Ignoring Hygiene

Ignoring hygiene or being messy can make things tougher for you as men like to see their partner be neatly and hygiene conscious. Try to redefine your beauty concepts and ideas so that you look perfect to your cutie.

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