Actor Who Came Back to His Work at Starbucks After Appearing in An Oscar-Winning Movie

The Academy Award winner, James Martin played the lead character in An Irish Goodbye!

Irish Barista, 31, is the only person with Down Syndrome who won an academy award for his live-action short movie.

During the event of 95th Academy Awards On Sunday, 13th March, he was also spotted celebrating his 31st birthday onstage after winning the prestigious accolade for his short drama film.

But, despite winning the award, James announced that he will come back to his job as a Starbucks barista after completing his film.

An Irish Goodbye was a 2021 film, which was directed by Tom Berkley and Ross White, it was the story of two brothers (who met each other after their mother’s death).

Standing on the stage, the short film’s co director, Tom Berkley said to the audience that, today is James’s birthday, and then everyone sang “Happy Birthday, James.”

“This award is actually the second most important thing about today because it’s James’ birthday,” Berkley told.

“He’s out here in Hollywood wearing a leopard-print suit jacket. We would love to use the rest of our time up here to sing to James.”

After receiving immense love and appreciation from the crowd and his team members, Martin felt so overwhelmed and then gave a thumbs-up to the audience.

The previous month, Martin shared with Daily Mail that he would continue his Starbucks job after his short action film was being nominated for the Oscars.

“I help out with all the customers. I’ve been doing that a long time. It’s nice,” he added.

As per Daily Mail“The actor keeps himself busy, also working in local restaurant Scalini’s as a chef.”

Following James’s success, many people started applauding him for winning an Oscar.

“the guys who made An Irish Goodbye used their Oscar acceptance speech to have every A-lister in Hollywood sing Happy Birthday to their star, James Martin. iconic!” someone wrote.

“Look at this!!!!!!!!! Hollywood loves a story with a happy ending!!!!! Last night we got it!!!! That’s the icing on the birthday cake of Oscar winner JAMES MARTIN who’s 31….” another comment read.

“Absolutely over the moon for James Martin & everyone involved in An Irish Goodbye for their Oscar win! An incredible achievement that will inspire a generation of actors & film makers I hope you all enjoy the celebrations in LA, a very exciting future ahead for Irish film,” a third one commented.

“the whole room singing happy birthday to james martin was definitely one for my favorite moments of the oscars,” another penned.

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