An angry Dad who left Note in his Daughter’s Lunchbox for her Teachers who asked her not to bring Unhealthy Food

A father of three named Ross Hunt told his daughter’s teacher to mind their own business when she attempted to take control of his daughter’s lunch at school.

An annoyed dad who lives in Wales recently revealed via his TikTok account that the teachers of her daughter insisted her to eat a sandwich and carrots first if she wants to touch her treats.

@teddyevascents Designing a label for the lunch box 👀 #teddyevascents #parentinglife ♬ original sound – Teddy Eva Scents

The fuming father ignored her teacher’s act at first, but after sometime he could not stop himself to handle this matter by his way.

Ross finally wrote a note and kept it with her daughter’s lunch in her lunchbox.

“Welcome to my daughters’ Lunch Box! We are aware of the contents of this box and are happy for her to eat whatever she wants,” it was written on the note.

He uploaded the video on his TikTok account and said, Right, let me show you this real quick – we’ve done this for my daughter’s lunchbox.”

An angry Dad who left Note

“Basically, the kids at school have been getting s*** off one of the dinner ladies for eating ‘unhealthy’ food.”

He also said, “It’s f****** irritating and it’s put her off taking her lunch with her. It’s alright if you eat the chocolate cake the school gives you, but if you put one in their lunch box, they go ‘Oh no, you shouldn’t have that’.”

Hunt stuck the note inside his daughter’s lunchbox after showing it and said that her teachers are no one to stop his kid to eat and they should let her eat whatever she wants to eat at school as it is her parent’s responsibility to decide what she should eat and what not.

The video clip became viral on a social media platform and received a lot of comments from many parents who supported the furious father by saying that no one better than a child’s parents know what their children should eat and what they should not eat so these teachers need to stop nagging the children at school.

left Note in his Daughters Lunchbox

“Worked in a school which served cake but we had to confiscate a penguin bar from a kids’ lunchbox as it’s not allowed. It’s silly to be honest,” someone commented.

“My son and daughter are so conscious about what they eat due to the school promoting ‘healthy eating’,” a second one said.

“I work in a school and have this argument often. I would rather a child ate and was full than lots of ‘healthy’ foods they won’t eat,” another wrote.

bring Unhealthy Food

“It’s a nightmare they promote healthy eating but my child comes home saying they had pizza and chips and some cake so which part of that is healthy?” someone said.

“I’m told not to comment on ‘non healthy’ food at my work because we’d rather the kids be full than not wanting to eat anything due to our comments,” a teacher wrote.

“My child is fed. THANK YOU!’ could be an option,” another comment read.

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