Identical Twins Sisters Who Lives Identical Lives Want To Have Kids with Same Fiancé at a Time

35-year-old identical Twins named Anna and Lucy DeCinque who have a same fiancé revealed that they both are trying to get pregnant at the same time.

The Twin sisters from Perth, Australia lives in the same house, work on the same place, have same bathroom schedule, and even engaged to the same person.

The sisters who live identical lives got engaged to a man, Ben, and the interesting part is that the three of them has been in a relationship for almost eleven years.

Both the sisters claimed that they can’t live apart from one another, according to their doctor, and they have a note which says that.

While giving interview to the ITV’s This Morning Show, they talked about their lifestyle and their wish to be a mother of each other’s kids with same man.

The duo who already featured in TLC’s Extreme Sister Show also revealed that they don’t want that their children become identical, however, they decided to grow them together.

“We can’t live without each other, we can’t be apart – if it’s possible we’d like to be pregnant together,” Anna shared. “At the end of the day, it’s how we chose to live our lives and we’re happy to live like that.”

Talking about their unique relationship with their fiancé, Ben, Anna told,

“It’s double the love for Ben.”

“He understands that we need to be the same, we need to do everything together, he understands us, there’s no pressure, he just understands,” Lucy said.

“He understands our closeness, we need to be together 24/7, he totally understands us,” said Anna.

“He gets us more than we get ourselves. We found our everything, we’re so thankful that we found Ben,” Lucy chimed in. “We’ll be there for each other, we’d try to make the other one pregnant as soon as possible.”

“As long as the child is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters,” she further added. “We’ll both be the mums, Ben would be the dad, so they would have two mums and one father.”

The waking up schedule of Lucy and Anna is also same, they eat same food in the same quantity during the day, and not only this but also the sisters synchronize their bowel movements.

According to the twins, they want to get married soon, but polygamy is not legal in Australia yet.

“Our plan is to research where to get married,” Anna said.

Lucy also added that they have become disappointed by the law of their country that doesn’t give the right to ‘throuple’ of getting married.

“We’d like to celebrate our love with Ben, in the future.”

The twins further shared that they never felt jealous of each other.

“If Ben kisses Anna, he’ll kiss me straight away,” said Lucy. “He doesn’t want to separate us, it’s all equal in this relationship, he treats us the same.”

In one of their interviews with, Insider, the sisters talked about their shared fiancé Ben and said that he is the first man whom they are dating together as he is very different and doesn’t care what people say about their unusual relationship.

“People need to accept it. Maybe people don’t agree with it, but we’re not hurting anyone. Love is love. That’s what we’ve always said,” they told.

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