12 Signs Showing Your Husband Is Madly In Love with You

Many couples stay together for a lifetime and seldom say ‘I love you’ to each other. They even share a strong bond, an unbreakable one, but never find the need to say their love in words. Especially, husbands are not quite expressive as wives are in a relationship. But there are signs like a trail of crumbs to show that your husband is madly in love with you, let’s see if your husband does any of the following for you:

1. He helps you in household tasks

No doubt, it’s his love when he lends his hand in work that you are supposed to complete but he never feels ashamed of doing it. Husbands always boast about their hectic work schedule but his love for you is so deep that even after an exhausting day he is willing to help you in household tasks.

2. He will let you win the argument

Male ego is dominating and not forgiving when it comes to arguing. Endless argument continues in couples to “win” the league. He is in love with you and is willing to end an argument to please you. He will let you win at all costs as he cannot see you upset.

3. He still manages to surprise you on occasions

After many years of living together, your husband still remembers all the important dates if you forget and will always surprise you in every possible way. Growing age is not an issue for him, he makes every occasion bright and lively for you.

4. He passionately talks about you

Sometimes you are awestruck to see him saying things about you which you think he hasn’t noticed or taken seriously. You will be amazed to see him discussing little details about you that would only be known to those husbands who are passionately in love with their spouse.

5. His affection has no bounds

He holds your hand, gives a stroke to your hair, and a quick kiss on your forehead without getting afraid of being in public. Mostly, men hesitate doing such things but he thinks he affection for you has no bounds.

6. He has all the time for you

You are lucky that he is not phubbing when he is with you. To him you have the most right on his time and wherever he is or whatever he is doing, he can leave everything on your call to be together with you.

7. He values the relationship more than anything else in the world

Your relationship will ebb and flow with time. Sometimes you will feel that it’s a dead end now and you can’t take it further. But he will get back to you and will try to make up something so you would know that he can’t live without you. He is doing it because he is madly in love with you.

8. You are always his part of discussion

He thinks you as his true soul mate therefore his discussion never gets completed without you in it. You could even hear from his friends that he never goes for anything that doesn’t involve you. His affection is downright straight for you and signifies that he loves you from his heart.

9. He believes that compliments are spices to add in daily life

He will never let a single day go without saying some nice words for you. The way you have dressed up, managing his house, taking care of children, or even daily cooking, he will give you compliments for being there for him.

10. He gives you freedom of living your life in any way

He values your happiness and wants you to stay bright all the time. He will always respect your choices and will approve of something that gives you comfort and peace of mind. He wants this relationship to last longer.

11. He is strong to protect you in every situation

He is not the man to run way when something difficult comes in life. He will stand by you or even in front of you whenever you will be in trouble.

12. He is ready to compromise to keep you close

How often do you see a man to compromise for his woman? If he does for you than he loves you passionately and will never let you go from his life.

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