10 Secrets to Make Your Wife Feel Loved

Married life is not as easy as it seems and even not as magical as described by your married friends; they have not revealed to you their actual condition. It takes mutual efforts to nurture and mature your relationship. Love does not come through when expresses only by words, affectionate actions and gestures are by far the effective ways to make your wife feel loved. What is important, let’s learn!

1. Acknowledging her efforts

She has moved into your house and has left behind all her things that were the closest to her. She is mustering all her strength to adapt to her new environment; whether she likes it or not. You have to support her and acknowledge her at every effort she puts in.

Sit down with her at the end of the day and tell her that she is making your life comfortable and you are grateful to her.

2. Taking out time for her

Send her a message in lunch break or make a quick call during a snack session to make her feel that you miss her when she is not around the same way she missed you from the moment you exit your house.

Work is important for you to run your house and fulfill her needs but don’t allow it to control you rather you should be multitasking to manage your work and personal life healthy.

3. Accepting her the way she is

Sometimes, few shortcomings reveal once you start living together and get to know each other. Behavioral or physical, flaws are part of everyone’s personality. If you get to know her shortcomings after your marriage then it should not be the issue to increase your distance because there are some of your flaws she is also accepting and living with.

4. Don’t impose your opinion on her

Men, conveniently, impose their opinion on their woman just because it makes them feel good about themselves. If you see it wisely then you will realize that you are doing only harm to her and nothing good. She will accept your opinion one time or twice but not the third time. The more you try to change her the faster she will pull away from the relationship.

5. Being compassionate at all times

Compassionate is the key to her heart. If you let go of her mistakes and the same she forgets some of yours then your relationship will stay fresh and strong.

6. Listening attentively when she speaks

How attentive are you when she speaks? This is the main reason, couples, often fight because they can’t get to the heart and mind of each other. So, next time she tries to say you something just switch off television or put your mobile down and listen to her with all ears. This is the one gesture that will make your wife feel loved and special in your life.

7. Telling her the truth

Our conscious mind when tries to please the loved one makes us admit that it is rational to not tell her the truth or else she will be offended. In reality, she will get irritated because you are hiding from her when she is the only worthy person in your life to know everything.

8. Sharing with her

Whatever resides in your heart and mind should come through clearly to her. If you keep all your feelings locked down inside, she will never be able to understand your perspective. You like a thing about her, admire her, and you don’t like another thing about her, tell her too.

9. Making her top priority

Every wife loves to see when her husband runs back home on one disturbing phone call. It happens mostly at the start of a relationship but with time you take her for granted and keep other things as your top priority, don’t make this mistake. She needs to know that you love her more than anything in your life.

10. Be open about your feelings

Men are shy to express when they are sad or something is making them feel glum. She is the only one deserving to share your sorrow, tell her what you feel. Her love for you will never dissipate.

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