He’s a forever partner and he proves it with 10 definitive signs

1. Not a single moment is ordinary with him, he makes every second special together. When he plans date nights, you can expect extraordinary arrangements, lavish ambience, and moments to cherish forever.

2. A little flirting every now and then makes thing kicking and alive in a relationship. You like it still when he tries to attempt his flirtatious moves and fancy words to leave an impression on the girl he has fallen for and wants to fall in love with her time and again. You know he’s your forever person because he is going to put in the effort when things aren’t rainbows and butterflies. He likes to bring romance in everything that he does for you and this is his way to give you assurance that he is only yours.

3. His prompt texts and calls make you feel better that he thinks of you and keeps your special place in his heart. Sometimes, when he couldn’t get back to you in the same time, he makes sure to responsibly explain you why he can’t reply sooner to you.

4. He is a guy who assumes his fiscal responsibility well and tries to handle financial matters with attention to the future needs of you as a couple. He is not sort of a person who spends more than what he earns. He fully understands the value of every single penny in the present and savings for the future.

5. He is a mature person and takes care of your emotional and physical needs very well. He’s your forever person because he would never make you feel awkward in private or in public.

6. He takes every step with you whether the matter on hand is about his family or yours. He thinks about the family needs and importance of every relations in life the way you do and it’s not difficult for you to explain him the status of your family. He feels same amount of affection for your family members as you feel for your close ones.

7. You are not just any other person in his life but his forever partner and he really does take it serious. He says to you that his life would be incomplete without you and he means it with his heart. You can understand your worth in his life when he wants to immerse you in his world and insists to include you in the planning and decision making process. Your opinion matters to him most importantly and he changes his perspective when he finds yours more valid.

8. Compassion for each other bring two people closer in a relationship. You are not seeing someone who is willing to make a few concessions and compromises to preserve your bond but you are actually seeing a person who wants to spend rest of his life with you only.

Regardless of his principles and beliefs, he hears you out to understand your viewpoint and perspective, he is really serious for you.

9. You may have many conflicts but he never becomes egoist. He doesn’t just wear impeccable clothes but also wears his best behavior. Not at one point you feel he gets complacent or sloppy with his manners. He takes keen notice on his presentation of personality and behavior with you.

10. He makes you promise to bring you joy and fulfillment even in the time of remorse and he makes sure that he is true to his word whatever he claims. He wants to see smile on your face and he is willing to do every weird job to make you happy.

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