Heart Breaking Signs That Show That Your Marriage Is About To Collapse

Marriages fail all around the world and if you have this feeling that yours might also become one of them, don’t fret and calmly try to come up with a solution. Making relationships are hard but losing hope so quickly and that too without making any effort would be the worst thing to do. Instead of backing out, you should come up with way outs and try to face all that comes your way with courage. Try your best to make your relationship strong at every passing moment. When you know that your marriage is about to collapse, that is when you should buckle up and start working on it harder.

When relationships are budding, it is all magical. You want to bring you’re A-game to the union and be at your best. You want to take that risk because you are in love. Therefore what starts as a casual fling becomes a little serious and before you know it, you are in a committed relationship.

However marriage is not easy. Spending the rest of your life with a person and accepting all their imperfections and making peace with it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Gradually problems start to arise and you feel you might be have made a mistake or maybe made a decision in a hurry after all. It becomes more of a responsibility than love. This is when you realize that your marriage is about to collapse and there should be something that you do to save it.

Sometimes one just knows that nothing is actually left to save. Nothing more can be done to uplift this broken marriage. When this happens, you should not waste an ounce of time saving the sunken ship and move on with your life and let them move on with theirs. It is only a matter of deciding whether anything is left to rescue or not and if there is then you must take immediate action. How does one know if there is a potential in their marriage? Let’s have a look at these signs below.

1. Both sides are never satisfied with each other:

There’s always nitpicking in the relationship. Both of you try to find faults in each other and are never satisfied with whatever the other person does. This should not happen.

2. Ego comes in the way for both of you:

Instead of accepting criticism, you negate the other person’s point of view and do not value their opinions. Rather than accepting your fault, arrogance overcomes you and you do not try to improve yourself.

3. You are practically absent from the relationship:

The amount of love and sentiments that used to be present in your relationship is not there anymore. You don’t have that passion and commitment to the bond. Both of you are absent minded and into the world of your own now.

4. You both have feelings of resentment lodged into your hearts:

Both of you need to learn to let go. You should forgive and forget instead you have kept hatred for each other’s actions and sayings which should have long gone.

5. There’s too much cynicism in your life:

Instead of having a positive outlook at life and your relationship, you are always thinking ill of each other and behaving negatively.

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