Focus on 5 Things When You Feel Broken Inside

Hopeless and desperate, life makes you feel trapped in a place where gloomy clouds overcast the whole sky and not a single ray of hope can shine through. You can’t seem to run out of despair and hardships as if you never knew how to smile and enjoy. Bad time sets its course forever in your life and you can’t think of anything beautiful to ever come again. Pain makes you forget whether you have ever felt happiness, good, and positive because now you can’t seem to think of improvement and growth. When you feel broken inside, you experience the relentless pain, and life with no meaning.

Other people share the same emotion when they come across failure but life doesn’t stop there, you have to pick up all the scattered pieces of your life. You’ve seen the dark, and it’s time to see the stars. It’s time to shed old skeletons off, you have a great purpose ahead waiting for you that will bring joy and meaning to your life.
Below 5 things will help you to get together yourself again:

1. Don’t ignore your feelings.

The best thing to do when you feel broken inside is to accept your feelings and never feel bad that you are depressed or sad. Your emotions are as much real as the blood running through your veins. When you will fight with or bottle up feelings inside, you will only postpone inevitable breakdown and that will backfire in the worst way you can’t even want to imagine. Don’t ignore your feelings instead be brave because your emotions are what shape you in life.

2. Share with your best friends and family.

You can always find unrelenting support and comfort with your family and friends. Their purest hearts will never make you feel ashamed of what you are going through in life. They have also seen a hard time and they know the value of closed ones at that time to feel loved and happy again. They would never question you when you describe your depressed state rather they will be glad to comfort you because they love you.

3. Don’t let bad feelings control your life.

Ups and downs are equal part in your life. One day would be satisfying and the next day would drain you completely but it is you who will decide how to pick up the positive vibe again and pass over the bad. The more you dwell into bad feelings the more you will attract negativity.

4. Focus on your purpose in life.

Hard times take your ability to comprehend the meaning of life. One setback and you feel that you are not deserving of happiness and love. That is the time when you don’t have to give up or swerve away from your purpose in life. A bad experience gives you learning to never attempt what you’ve already done wrong. Remind yourself that why you deserve to be happy, you have a purpose in life and you will regain what you deserve.

5. Don’t focus on pain, focus what feels good to your heart.

Pain is the temporary phase and there are other things that give you joy and bring smile on your face every time you think about them. You tend to think of pain and feel broken when a rough patch comes in your life. You need to distract yourself at that time and focus on ways that make you feel good to your heart. So, make plans with your friends, soak up sun, take a stroll in nature, or go on a pleasure trip.

Image: Dorota Gorecka

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