10 Signs Are Enough To Recognize He’s Manipulative, Be Aware!

They are good at their skill and once they get what they needed, they will scrunch you and throw you away before you even understand the real situation, so before they end their game you need to distance yourself from their manipulated trap.

You need to be aware while taking each step when you get into a relationship. Don’t be a chill out girl, be someone who gets upset when someone is unfair. You need to express and question more about things and take matters in your hand then just allowing the other person to control your life matters.

Manipulative men feel brave when they succeed in making the women believe that they have done wrong. This is how you are being victimized for doing nothing, so protect your identity and open to potential abuse of manipulative individuals.

Read through the following signs to recognize he’s manipulative:

1. He acts as the victim and you are being the abusive.

“The girl on the train” is the exact situation you may fall into where the husband makes his wife believed that her alcoholic and aggressive behavior has made him interested into another woman, when the reality is on the contrary. Don’t take his pressure if you feel that you have done no wrong.

2. He conceives excuse convincingly.

He knows his way to justify in front of you when he is caught red-handed by you. He is too smart and prepared with his excuses way before time. Despite his fault, he puts blame on you and convinces you for his terrible behavior. Once he’s done a bad thing, don’t give him another chance.

3. He makes fun of your feelings and emotions.

Your feelings and emotions don’t exist for him. The relationship is always making him feeling happy and significant while your emotions are invalid.

4. He spins things around when the question is about his life.

He never wants you to dig in his life details hence you will get to know what exactly the person he has been and is. You are also not important to him therefore he keeps secrets from you because one day when he gets what he has planned for he will cut you off.

5. He gets satisfied when you feel bad.

He deliberately does things so to make you feel bad about yourself. This is his trick so that you never grow complacent with him.

6. He has lady friends but makes you feel guilty for your guy friends.

He doesn’t like you spending a quality time outside the relationship. Therefore, he questions your loyalty to him when he finds you with your guy friends.

7. He behaves terrible at home but is opposite when outside.

He wants others to believe that out of you two, he is the nice one and takes care of you. Well, in reality, he wants to conjure up an image in front of people to collect their sympathy that you are crazy when complaining about being with him.

8. He succeeds in making you insecure in your relationship.

You never get the emotional security in your relationship. He will never be going to make you feel safe in your own romance.

9. He is a smart liar.

If a person is not honest to his partner, he is disrespecting the sanctity of the relationship. He is conveniently feeding you lies because he knows that you will trust on him blindly. You need to reason with him when you don’t find everything entirely clear.

10. He will suppose a situation in which you will feel indebted to him.

He takes all the credit and he does that by making you believe that only he is doing all the efforts and you are dependent on him and indebted to him for what you are now.

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