6 Things Can Help To Identify A Partner Who cheats In A Relationship

People are different, they have different preferences and inclinations to things and other people, and therefore it is difficult to identify a partner who cheats in a relationship. However, there are common behaviors among cheaters that if you spot them may help you to save from their tricks and a potential heartbreak.

Cheaters carry duplicate identities, with you they act different and others know them entirely opposite outside, and they are spontaneous to handle situations when it turns against them. Even after careful tactics, they still leave clues behind, sometimes subtle and other times vivid enough to understand their motives.

You may have intentions to continue this relationship with your lover for a long run but your partner might not think in the same way. You need to be aware of the following things because these can help you to identify if a partner cheats in a relationship or stays loyal. Let’s look at these clues one-by-one:

1. They are suspicious of your moves because they are guilty inside.

They play with your mind and create situations where you find yourself guilty of every wrong thing happening in your life. They will blame you that you can’t develop trust as a couple, on the contrary it’s their fault because they never let that happened. You have to pass through a countless number of queries for your projected behavior before you satisfy them. They are suspicious of your moves and can’t build trust on you because they know it very well that they themselves can’t be trusted.

2. They have secrets in their phone therefore you will never find it unattended.

They guard their dark secrets like a hawk and make sure that never for once their social accounts or cellphones remain logged in or unattended. People who truly trust their partners don’t hesitate sharing their activities on social media or don’t have a problem when their phone needs to be used by their partner. It’s a big clue of their infidel activity that they are allowed to check your phone while you can’t even think about it with them.

3. They are not engaging during conversations with you because they are always using phone.

This point is the continuation of the last one and another big indicator when something suspicious lies in your partner’s life. You can observe their attention is not in the moment, they are not phubbing, rather they are constantly engaged somewhere else using their phone and making you wonder if that is being used to contact someone more important than you.

4. They are smart liars and cover up their tracks with a number of excuses.

It’s an alarming situation if you ever catch your partner in a lie because you should think that how many times before he would be lying to you. A lie is an automatic betrayal of trust and if he will lie to you once then he would have no problem in the future to lie again.

5. They are guilty inside and they will overcompensate that with their sweetness towards you.

You wonder the reason after discovering that your partner has cheated on you and he is still with you. The reason behind could be their emotional affiliation to you. They will overcompensate with sweetness and affection towards you because the guilt is really eating them up on the inside which would not allow them to keep on doing something that would potentially destroy you.

6. They are masters of carrying multiple relationships.

They have been doing this from a long time and they consider themselves masters of this game. But, when they build a life out of pure lies they forget that reality will come through, sooner or later.
You maybe deeply in love with a person but you can’t live with them blindsided, beware and make sure that you are not making a wrong decision.

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