Don’t Get Married Until You Are Certain About 10 Relationship Facts

Marriage is not an ordinary or temporary phase of your life. It’s a commitment, life-long, which makes you responsible of someone and the other person takes responsibility of yours. It’s a mutual contract between two people being in love and want to spend their life together till death or until the circumstances be in favor. Therefore, it’s better to get to know about your partner and certain relationship facts that would help you to understand your spouse and the intensity of your relationship. Know now:

Financial situation

Please determine most important thing before you jump into a marriage and that is your future spouse’s current financial situation. Especially, when your spouse is going to run the house and meet your demands, too.

Thoughts about having kids or family planning

It is as vital as making a long-term investment because you might not know but your spouse is not interested to start family planning at the start of marriage. It is better to ensure that your sweetheart doesn’t cringe on this topic.

Health history

Many health issues are hereditary and to discuss about this before will help you to take decisions accordingly. For-example, knowing your partner is susceptible to heart disease will assist you to maintain healthy diet plan or the use of less sugar when your partner is at risk of diabetes.

Disciplinary issues as a child

Learning about parenting tactics that were being used on your spouse in childhood will help you to understand how your partner will discipline their children. Talking about clear boundaries for discipline will contribute to an environment that is healthy for the upbringing of your child.

Expectations from relationship

You should try to communicate as much as possible on the expectations you both have of each other. You might not want to fall short so it’s better to gauge few basic expectations. Most importantly, you shouldn’t expect too much otherwise, it will have a bad effect on your marriage.

Have your partner ever abused or been abused

Psychological history is most important relationship fact to better understand your partner if future problems arise. Abuse can have major psychological effects and your partner might not be the same person you’ve imagined once you are married.

Political views

In recent elections, couples split because husband was in of Trump while wife has voted for Hillary Clinton. It’s better to know where your partner stands in the political drama happening around the world. You might not take it seriously but your other half may have passionate views that would end up being a serious point of contention.

Core values

Core values are what make you the person you are now. Your interest in your spouse might start with physical attraction and then you feel taking it forward by going on multiple dates. Lately, you both decided to tie the knot as you are comfortable in each other’s company but have you ever discussed about your partner’s core values. You should get to know about core values to see if they somehow match to your values or are entirely different.

Connection with family

You should be certain if your spouse is close to family or they get together once in a while. It would be beneficial to steer clear from future arguments and contention.

Why marriage is important?

You should throw this question in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend and get to know the compelling reason behind marrying you.

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