A Teenager Drove 6 HOURS to Buy Her Dream Prom Dress and Left Amazed When Shop Owner Gifted Her The $700 Gown

A teenage girl named Elyse Monroe drove almost six hours to a plus-size dress shop as she wanted to buy a prom dress for herself and was left overwhelmed by the shop owner’s great act of kindness when she gave her dreamy dress free of cost to her.

18-year-old Elyse drive from Manteo to Charlotte just to meet the owner of the plus-size-only boutique owner, Juicy Body Goddess named Summer Lucille. She first saw her store on TikTok while watching her live-streamed consultation.

Elyse just had a $400 budget to buy her dream dress that’s why she was trying on different prom dresses in the shop during that time Lucille was recording the full scene which she later posted on her social media account.

couple of outfits

She finally chose a stunning dress for her after trying on multiple outfits, but, the sad part was that the cost of the dress was $700 and her budget was only $400.

“When she got into that purple dress, she lit up,” In one of her interviews Lucille said to the PEOPLE, “I couldn’t let her walk out of that store without that dress.”

As per the publication, “At the very start of the consultation, Lucille’s store manager came to her and said that the kinds of dresses the student was interested in would be more expensive than that. The store owner’s response? “It’ll work itself out.”

work itself out

“They drove six hours,” Summer said to her manager. “Don’t worry about the budget, we’ll figure it out.”

The shop owner, Lucille who records most of her consultations video to shares them on her TikTok, revealed that during her that one live streaming, her one follower said that they wanted to chip in the rest amount of $200 to pay for her dress.

“At that moment, I knew that was the universe telling me, just give her the dress,” Lucille also added. “That follower was just an angel just reminding me that just you have to give.”

you have to give

“I went in and the mom and the aunties kept asking, ‘How much is this dress?’” while recalling she said. “I said, ‘Well, we’ll worry about the price when we get to the register.’”

Summer also posted another video on her TikTok account, where Monroe’s fitting session was going on, that video of her insanely went viral on the internet. The video was viewed by more than 13 million people and almost thousand of people commented and showed their love on it.

@juicybodygoddess I didn't cry until I did edit #plussize #plussizetiktok #juicybodygoddess #plussizefashion ♬ original sound – JuicyBodyGoddess

In the viral video, Monroe could be seen standing along with her family at the cash counter to pay for her dress.

They all became shocked after Lucille told them the worth of the dress which she  picked was $700. However they got more shocked and emotional as well when she said that,  “well, it’s free.”

It was a beautiful

Elyse said in the video while getting so emotional, “I’m going to cry,” 

“It was a beautiful, beautiful moment,” Lucille Summer said to the PEOPLE,

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