A Model With ‘World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Surprised Followers by Sharing Pre-Surgery Photo

An Instagram influencer, Anastasiia Pokreshchuk recently uploaded her photo on her Instagram account, it showed her natural face without any fillers or surgical procedures.

Anastasiia is a 33-year-old model who lives in Ukraine, she is incredibly obsessed with cheek fillers and other cosmetic surgeries.

The Ukrainian influencer who is popular for having the biggest cheeks in the whole world has almost 85k followers on her Instagram. She has been doing fillers and other beauty enhancement treatments since her early twenties.

While giving an interview she explained how it all began.

Anastasiia called her natural lips ugly and said, “When I was 26 years old I understood that … I’m not very pretty so I decided to make my lips with filler because I haven’t got lips at all.”

“Now I think I have to refresh already. I think that they’re a little bit small. You think that it’s too big but for me, it’s a little bit small now,” she further said.

In her old photo, she was looking all natural with no fillers, natural dark colored-hair, normal facial features, and little make-up.

Anastasiia’s before the photo was taken when she was just 16 years old vs. her new photo in which she has different facial features, and pink-colored hair.

“You were so beautiful before,” her follower wrote.

“Damn, you were such a natural beauty,” another one wrote.

“I would not recognize your photo at 16,” a third commented.

“The before photo shows the real you which is beautiful. This new look of yours is kinda too much and weird. Sorry,” the fourth one added.

“After I had the injections and saw the changes in my cheeks, I fell in love with them. I understand that they look weird to other people but I don’t mind,” the Instagram influencer described in her video.

She further said that after getting all the fillers she started feeling more confident and now she feels to share her pictures with her followers that’s why she posts it on her Instagram account. However, when she had no fillers she never thought that she can become a model in future.

“I was ashamed of everything; my voice, my appearance. It was really hard work. She also added. “I think I was ugly before. My mum thinks that I was naturally beautiful before but now thinks I look more exotic, and my friends say my new appearance is better because before I looked like a grey mouse.”

“I’ve had people tell me I am an ugly b**** and that I should kill myself, but when I see it I just laugh it off and ignore it.”

Pokreshchuk sat and spoke in This Morning in the year 2021, where she told that she never regretted changing her look.

“I love this look. I was a grey mouse before. My nose was too big. Now I have lips and cheeks, and it looks okay.”

Anastasiia also revealed that she used to watch several videos on YouTube about fillers and injections and now she mostly does her beauty-enhancing treatments by herself.

“This can be dangerous, but I do it with doctors”, she said. “I am learning online. I was worried, but I love this.”

“I sterilize all my equipment and remain very careful. I am a like a doctor now.”

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