A Married Couple Die in Hot Air Balloon Fire After Daughter Jumps out of Flames for Life

A couple lost their lives and their 13-year-old daughter got severely injured in a terrifying hot air balloon accident in Mexico.

As per the Daily Mail“The accident took place in Mexico City Saturday, and claimed the lives of two victims, Jose Nolasco, 50, and wife Viridiana Becerril, 38, Mexican authorities have confirmed. The pair were from nearby Caujimalpa de Morelos, a city 12 miles away.”

The horrible incident occurred almost at 8 am local time that led to the married couple 50-year-old Jose Nolasco, and his wife 39-year-old Viridiana Becerril, burnt to death.

On the other hand, their daughter named Regina Itzani, who tried to save her life by jumping from the burning basket was alive and taken to the hospital but with broken bones and second-degree burns.

According to the cops, the girl could be survive.

“Reports concerning her age have so far been conflicted, with some indicating she was 13 and others saying she was 23. A pilot also may have been on the balloon – which had been flying over a pre-Hispanic pyramid site – but has yet to be located.” 

“Her age was not listed by local police. The incident took place over the pre-Hispanic ruin site of Teotihuacan, just north of the city – a popular site for both locals and tourists to participate in balloon rides, ” Daily Mail wrote.

The family could be seen smiling together last time in the final selfie which was taken right before the accident and then the hot air balloon burst into flames.

The dramatic footage of the horrifying accident showed the flames which was engulfing the basket.

According to the Sun,

“Reyna Gloria Sarmiento, Regina’s grandmother, told the local press the teenager had yet to be told her parents had died,”

“It was the birthday of my daughter Viridiana, Regina’s mum, and they had prepared this ride as a surprise for her,” she told.

It was also revealed by Gloria that her granddaughter, Regina was conscious and her condition was stable in the hospital, and before jumping out of the unlucky basket she hugged her parents for the very last time.

In the video clip of the incident which was running around social media, an onlooker was shouting in Spanish, “My God, people are falling,” when a person jumped from the basket, and then instantly another could be seen jumping from it.

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