A Woman Who Spent Almost £35,000 On Extreme ‘Demonic’ Body Transformation

A journey from looking Glamorous to Ghoulish.

A 24-year-old woman named Kierstyn Milligan has spent almost £35,000 to extremely modify her body, including, piercings, tattoos all over her body, breast implants, and fangs.

Kierstyn from Houston, Texas is a digital content creator and an OnlyFans model. She is popularly known for her demonic appearance, similar to the guy who has been dubbed ‘Satan’ and the skull’ after he revealed his new transformation as he cut off his ears and nose.

However, she didn’t look like this before, and she used to be as beautiful as her previous photos show. Milligan never liked her looks and always despised herself while looking in the mirror previously.

The interesting thing is that she is a professional tattoo artist too and got her first tattoo at the age of 14, and after that, she never stopped and now the Texas native has gotten 90 more tattoos on her body. According to Kierstyn, her family and friends always support her body modifications and they are in love with her now appearance.

While giving an interview to Jam Press she said, “I always knew I wanted to look like this, I have had this vision in my head since I was young and have finally fulfilled it,”

Who Spent Almost £35,000

“The way I looked before compared to now, I feel so much happier. Before I had no self love or even understood who I was, now I feel I understand myself the most and have the most self love and confidence,” Milligan further added.

Talking about the response of people on the internet and the negative comments she receives from strangers due to her looks, she shared that many of them say she has ruined her body by doing this and now she looks nothing but just ‘ugly’.

“Most people think I’m demonic. I have modified my body in many ways,” Kierstyn said to the Cater News. “I have tattoos everywhere, including my eyeballs, a split tongue, fanged teeth, Lipo 360, and two breast augmentations.”

She also added that she has gotten different responses from people on the internet; where some people call her demonic by comparing her with satan, while others are admiring the way she looks.

“My family and friends are very supportive of anything I want to do, but initially, they were shocked,” she revealed to the news outlet. “But they are used to it now.”

“The reactions I’ve got since I started sharing my journey online are 50/50 love and hate, but I just don’t let it get to me. Most people think I’m demonic – that I have no family or money. They put all these stereotypes on me, and I shut them all down,” she added.

Milligan who earns fame from her content, told that a lot of times people give her weird looks in public, and also passed comments behind her back, but she doesn’t care.

“People in public mostly have positive reactions and want to take pictures with me, but I occasionally get an ugly look. People think … that I have no family or money. They put all these stereotypes on me, and I shut them all down.”

When they asked her about the most painful modification of hers, to which she replied,

“The most painful modification was my tongue being split — it makes getting tattooed seem like a piece of cake,”, the OnlyFans model said she does not have any plans to stop here. “I plan to tattoo more of my body and possibly get more surgeries.”

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