7 Things Should Be Keeping Secret from Your Friends about Your Relationship

On girls’ night out, you’re tempted to share details about your romantic relationship but have you ever wondered that as much as you want to open up, your friends do the same, too. 7 things you should be keeping secret from your friends about your relationship, and are better not exposed to the whole world.

1. What happens in the bedroom, leave in the bedroom.

leave in the bedroom

You may not find it strange but your partner might get embarrassed if one of your friends spills out your bedroom details in front of your partner in a mutual gathering. You think it should be allowed to share with your close friend but your partner may take that as a blow to their respect.

2. Fights every now and then.

Fights every

A relationship is always sugar and spice. You will never have all the sweet moments. You need to be ready for fights, unending arguments, or unresolved conflicts. But that does not mean to tell your friends when each time you have a fight with your partner. The impression of your relationship and your partner does not reflect well on others in this way. In a matter of a few days, both of you will forget about your fight and come back to the routine but the information you’ve leaked out to your friends will circulate to the larger group and will ultimately affect your relationship in the end.

3. Money talk begins unrest between two people.

Money talk

Diminishing financial level is stifling when partners try hard to meet their ends. However, you’re being in talks with your friends on this matter would have a triple effect on the relationship between you and your partner. Somebody sympathizing with your partner will make them feel less respected. Instead of venting out, try to find a solution in between each other.

4. Your partner’s family problems.

family problems

You may not find it strange discussing or bickering about your partner’s family problems but your partner will think of this as a breach of trust. Your partner has faith in you that’s why they have shared the closed details of their life but if they somehow find out you told other about them, you might never win their trust again.

5. Your partner’s exes.

Your partner’s exes

Saying negative things about your partner’s exes or ridiculing them in public will make you lost worth in your partner’s life. They have moved on and now being sincere with you and it is expected from you as well to never discuss about their past relationships with anyone else.

6. Don’t go off complaining.

Don’t go off complaining

If things are not sweet in your life then instead of complaining to your friends, you should sit with your partner and find a solution.

7. Comparison between your present partner and ex.


No matter, how much your ex was better than your present partner, the reality is that’s your past. Your current partner will get hurt if they get to know that you run off crying to your friends. Respect is paramount in a relationship, as much as you want it, your partner expect the same.

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