7 Real Facts Men and Women Do Differently

Expressing On and Usage of Social Media

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Men and women use social media in a totally different way; not only their preference of words is different but their usage varies greatly.

Men are known to express their opinion in a strong language and their choice of words describes anger. While for women, this is entirely opposite. Words like; happy, baby, thankful, love are more popular in female conversation and words like; win, freedom, etcetera are part of men conversation on social media.

According to a study, women spend more than 60% of their time in a day over social media apps as compared to men.

Grooming and Self-Beautification

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If you see 5 years back, men were less involved purchasing beauty products, let alone a face wash, but now beauty industry is seeing a boom in men beauty products. Women have always been keen to improve their skin and self-beautification.

There are now many unisex beauty products, best for the couples. But still, men can’t use many basic products that women use because of the tendency of the skin.

Apart from beauty products, men salons are rather more expensive than women beauty parlors. As more avenues are opening for men to improve and spend more time on their beauty, men are no more hesitant speaking about the services they will get at a salon.

Dealing with Breakups

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When a man is involved deep into a relationship then breakup affects him the most and they often fall victim to depression. Breakup after a month or a couple of months takes less time to recover and people come back to normal life within two weeks in both men and women.

More often, men leave behind breakup baggage as they party and have the time of their lives with their friends but women battle through their emotions after breakups; whether the relationship was short-term or long-term.

Self Image in Society

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Let’s be honest, there is no doubt in accepting that there are more strong perceptions in society for women than men. Girls think about many times whenever they have to take a transformative step or something that will conflict with the already established norms. They face more critical views and scrutiny sometimes even for saying anything opposing to the current societal decorum.

Men care less about their self image because they get to face less criticism from people around them. There are unreal standards in the society that are more of limitations to curb their potential.

The Brain-Large and small


Scientists say that men have larger brains than women but it is still not determined that which of the brain is larger in men. Though, there is similar brain wiring done in both genders but they think differently from each other.

For-example, men are considered way smarter in Mathematics and women have been known to be good at languages. More importantly, it’s the ability of the brain in men and women that matters the most.

If you want to have a smarter brain then read more books, equip yourself with new learning and knowledge, and practice.

Crying-A societal norm

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This is one fact in which women get more leverage than men. We all have heard about the saying that men don’t cry but this is unfair to men’s emotions. When a man crumples into an emotion, wants to cry his heart out, well, he could not because society will make fun of it.

Unrealistic standards of society need revision so that both male and female would have equal opportunities to express.

Expressing feelings differently

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Majority of men are not expressive of their affection and emotions toward their close friends, family members, or colleagues. They hide their feelings to give an impression of being less vulnerable. In doing so, they increase their distances with their loved ones.

Girls, on the other hand, are mostly opposite to the way men express their feelings. Women voice out their love and affection but men play roles of being strong and infallible in their way of living.

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