6 rules You Should break To Save Your relationship

Success of a relationship comes in a shape of fulfillment from the bond you share with your partner. Everyone of us desires a long-term relationship, a happy one and worth living in. But to keep it a pleasant journey, one has to break the rut and bend some rules to guarantee what we wish for. As a couple, you try to adjust a few things in your life to suit the requirements of your relationship, we have thought of some that would benefit you if you don’t follow them and break to save your relationship.

1. Living selfless to make your partner happy

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Make your partner understand of emotional boundaries important for you.

A selfless act shows your compassion for another person but in a relationship it is considered to be an insensitive aspect if only one person is doing it. If you want to lead a happy relationship, give yourself priority before forcing the other on your spirit.

A day would be cheerful or festive for your partner but if your emotions doesn’t enmesh or make you feel drain out then it’s better to take a break from it.

2. Not expressive on your preference

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Like emotional boundaries, you need to make it clear to your partner that physical boundaries are also important to follow for your comfort. Your preference is vital for your partner to understand and respect when you two spend alone time.

3. Mold yourself to suit your partner’s expectations

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A relationship should not be suffocating to the extent that there is no room for you to live in. If your relationship does not allow you to pursue your hobbies and self pleasures then in no time you will get antagonistic and insensitive to your relationship.

Indulge in activities that make you feel relaxed and reinvigorate your inner. Go for trekking, paint, travel alone and far away, socialize more, and you will find yourself refreshed and satisfied in your relationship.

Your partner must have expectations from you but you need to make sure that you are not the only one standing at the compromising end.

4. Not saying the importance of few things in your life

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There are a few things in your life that have special meaning for you. Some physical things, like a favorite mug, your grandma’s rug, your mother’s watch, are among the various physical objects you don’t allow anyone to meddle with.

Your privacy is another important thing that could put you on edge even if your partner tries to invade it. If you don’t want your other half to touch your phone or journal then keep it clear from the day first.

5. Keeping a track of your partner on social mediums

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Social mediums are ease as well as hazard to a happy relationship. Curiosity challenges us to keep track of our partner and their activities when they are out and in the company of others. This would certainly show an impression of lack of trust on your partner. If you are uncomfortable from your partner’s activities related to your privacy then your first date is the best time to tell them their digital boundaries.

6. Not being self-compassionate

In an attempt to save your relationship you sacrifice yourself and don’t give importance to self-compassion. You could not imagine being compassionate to others if you are not compassionate towards yourself. You need to learn to put your feelings first before others. This is not something that is unkind or less compassionate but this is being true to your own self. This would make you less apologetic and turn you into a person who knows all the strengths and weaknesses of your own.

Don’t ignore your inner ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

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